Friday, April 10, 2020

Two Birthdays and a New Boy

I don't have to say what a busy week it has been. I'm not sure how I ever managed to work 5 days a week. Even though it's not 40 hours (and it's less pay) being gone from home every day means that nothing is really getting done.
~Virginia Bluebells are in bloom right now~
Thankfully, Carl is temporarily home while his agency tries to cut back on the teams that are working at his location. So, he's been a big help. Despite the busy week and no real free time and all that has come with it, it has been a pretty good week for our crew.

On Saturday, we marked a 10th birthday, for Max. I post his pictures often enough, but I don't say much about him.  Max has been with us for nearly 4 years now. He is a picky eater, sensitive to my emotions and has been a great comfort in sad times and happy ones too. He is an affectionate, fun and comical companion, who loves to chase and pounce on the cats. He's also a good friend and an attentive canine brother to the other dogs, including Todd.
And speaking of Todd.... He also had a birthday this week.  Can you believe that Todd is now 9 years old?  I know I can't!  So, as is my tradition, I take this (silly) picture every year, using the same hat, same setting, the same, (but different) cookie -- Next year, at 10, I'll make a collage of all the photos.
But at 9 years old, Todd is fearless, smart, and so much more. It goes without saying that I love his spirit for fun and tireless energy for whatever comes next. Like most Scotties, Todd can be independent, but he is a devoted companion and friend. An example of that is when I go to bed at night, he follows me, and stays on the bed until I get up the next morning. Even if I sleep late.

Finally, just because things aren't hopping enough at our house, we have welcomed a handsome new arrival. A very nervous Leo arrived on Wednesday evening. At eleven years old, he was given up by his owner who has stage 4 breast cancer. Leo spent the last 2 semesters at college with the youngest daughter. But because of life and its circumstances, none of the 3 children are able to provide a longtime home for Leo. He's a really nice dog, and you can't help but like him.
Leo is a bit of a "nervous nellie" and is not a fan of thunder storms, new men, and change. But today, with better weather, feeling comfortable and confident, there have been lots of tailwags, and smiles --The best way to start a weekend!
~Cat, what cat??~


  1. Those bluebells are just beautiful! Happy Birthday to Max and Todd and welcome to Leo. He sure has had a rough time lately but we're sure he will love being at Golden Pines.

  2. Max and Todd, down here you would be having a very quiet birthday, no guests, but up there with the rest of the crew, and Mum and Dad home, when life lets them you would have had all the love you need. Leo, your neckerchief is in my favourite colours. SO that tells me you will fit in so well, The cat, you will become friends in time, and what a blessing for your previous family that you have arrived at Golden Pines, life's circumstances mean so many changes, And I hope you can accept them all in time. Fondest Greetings to you all.

  3. Happy birthday to the birthday boys. Poor Leo, I’m quite sure you will have him setting in before he knows it.

  4. Happy Birthday to Max and Todd!
    Welcome, Leo. You will love this place soon.
    *hugs* ♥

  5. Yet another beautiful boy to join the family - he looks such a happy chap. Leo, you are such a lucky boy - although you may not realise it yet, you'll have such wonderful companions.
    Happy birthday to Todd and Max, they at least, can celebrate in style with "real" company around them!

  6. what a beautiful smile Leo has! a lovely sweetness about him.
    and happy birthdays to two little rascals... Todd is ageless!
    he still looks like a young guy to me. even his teeth are snowy white!

  7. Happy Birthday to Max and Todd! Leo is a sweetie, I hope he enjoys his new home. Take care, stay well. Wishing your a very happy and blessed Easter!

  8. Happy Birthday Todd !!!

  9. You should get a few more good years out of Todd.

  10. Happy Birthday to Max and Todd, and welcome to Leo! He looks like he is settling in already, and we hope he will be more relaxed soon. ♥

  11. It's good to see you are all doing well. Happy birthday to Max and Todd! Hope you have a happy Easter too!

  12. Oh Kim.... your generous and ever-loving heart is like a balm to my soul, I swear! Even with an increase in your work hours, there's always time to celebrate birthdays and welcome newcomers! You are a rockstar, girl!! An absolute rockstar!! Love you, Andrea xoxo

  13. Welcome Leo. We're sure he's confused, but will fit in very soon. Happy Birthday Max...we'd love to leap on a cat. Cannot believe Todd is 9. Always think of him as a puppy....where has the time gone?

  14. Happy Leo is with you
    He will settle in soon.
    How difficult it must be for his owners to
    have had to part with him.
    Makes me sad.
    Stay safe, rested, happy, well . . . Kim . . .
    Happy Easter.

  15. Happy birthday to everyone and a big welcome to Leo. We hope you have a great weekend together and please be careful at work.

  16. Happy Birthday to Max & Todd! Leo looks like a nice fellow, we are sure he will settle in
    Mabel & Hilda

  17. Oh my, those bluebells! Belated happy birthdays to a pair of wonderful guys, Max and Todd! The party hat pictures are priceless. Leo looks like a very sweet boy. Welcome to Golden Pines, dear fellow.

  18. Happy Birthday Todd!!!!! And welcome to Leo. Kim will help you find your way, Leo. She's the best at that.

  19. Happy Birthday to Max and Todd. When Todd arrived at Golden Pines, I commented that he would be the fun young dog you needed to keep you smiling and to help you through the many losses you suffer. I think I was right and for that I'm so happy.


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