Sunday, August 9, 2020

Clouds of Hair

Back From Vacation. Back to the routine. Back to work, which is getting busier again as more patients are coming it. A full schedule wears me out.
We were asked by Lab Rescue to take a new foster dog this past week. Simba was 14 years old. He was being turned over to the rescue because the family had to move into an apartment that wouldn't allow him. He'd not been to the vet in quite a while, and it was unfortunately discovered that he was in total kidney failure.
~God-speed to this old soul we never got to meet~
There was nothing that could be done. The coordinator contacted the family, and they came to be with him. I'm sure they were grateful for that kindness, and I'm grateful that someone that Simba knew was there with him as he left this life for the next.

We now wait for our next foster dog. Until that time comes, we're keeping 3 four-month-old kittens for another rescue until Tuesday.

No new-comers has given us time to just spend with our crew. All of the sudden, the Labs seem to be shedding - There was a cloud of hair under George as Carl brushed him out.  But look at George's big smile. He loves being brushed.
Todd doesn't like it so much and I'm sure he was just glad it wasn't him!

Before vacation Alf had his turn at being groomed. We have two groomers. Long-Time-Groomer that takes care of Charlie, Todd, Max and Sophie for me. Then there's "young-cool-groomer" who has groomed Alf and a couple of the other dogs for me. I called her beforehand, and we discussed Alf at great length because he has problems standing. She assured me that wasn't a problem and it could be scheduled on a day where she wasn't so busy. So, I left it to her to schedule it that way, even changing it one time in between. When I got there we talked again about Alf, but I couldn't help but notice the number of dogs being dropped off. I was still in the parking lot when my phone rang. It was "young-cool-groomer" telling me that she just didn't think she'd be able to groom Alf, giving me a couple of excuses, including his not being able to stand. Yes, I was irritated. 
I understand that Alf's not being able to stand may have partly been the reason. But I really think "young cool groomer" had a full schedule, and just didn't have the time she needed for Alf, that she'd promised me she would make. 

I was really grateful when the girl that comes to our house to trim our dogs nails, who has a good set of clippers, offered to do it. Nail-Trim-Girl did a pretty good job, and with the hot weather, Alf has been so much more comfortable. 
~Look at all Alf's hair on the floor~
In this weather, comfort is what it's all about! 

And as a post script, I'll add that "young-cool-groomer" and her cool significant other bought her business from "Long time groomer." who now sees select clients from her home. But I've really wanted to support young-cool-groomer and her significant other because I like them, and they do a good job and I want them to be a success. But a couple of glitches like this, has me doubting my return there, even though I recently won a contest they had that includes a discount for my next grooming appointment. We'll see.  


  1. We all do what is best for everyone, and a groomer has to be flexible, honest, reliable, and understand every one has different needs. Nail-trim sounds like the gal I would want, and cool gal, maybe she needs to hone up on her " people-skills" and really think about the whole picture. Hang in there with the kitties, they are gorgeous. Simba, there will be so many to greet you, as you left this world, family by your side, we cannot ask for more than that.

  2. By Thanksgiving Alf will have forgotten and forgiven.

  3. Why do I feel so sad about Simba - we never had chance to meet him? Yet there is the same sadness as losing one of your crew that we've known for a long time.
    Alf certainly looks much more comfortable now that he's been shorn.
    I do hope that you can resolve the issue with your young, cool, groomer, I'm sure it's only a temporary glitch. It's hot here and I have regularly stripped mounds of hair from Inca, so I hope that she feels better for all the effort involved!

  4. Hello,

    So sad about Simba. George does look happy, I am sure a little less hair is much cooler. It has been hot and humid lately. Todd does look happy just looking on, Alf does not look so happy. They are all cuties! Have a happy day and a great week!

  5. One gets excited about young/new people starting out
    BUT staying with one's plan in the process is paramount.

    Sad about Simba . . .
    Alf will be cooler getting some of that “fluff” cut away!
    What/why is her not able to stand issue?

  6. It sure is shedding season. We're glad to hear Alf was relieved of much of his hair in a comfortable way.

  7. Alf buddy, you are a beauty.
    Great thanks to the nail girl !

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  9. the older one gets... both human or furry ... one wants COMFORT!
    kudos for finding a solution around the cool young groomer.
    maybe she's taking on too much. there's something to be said about doing well rather than doing scores badly.
    and Simba. bless you darling Simba. just so thankful his family could be there with him at the end. he knew love. xo

  10. Wow, Alf! You sure got a buzz cut! I get that done a couple times a year, usually when the dust bunnies become ferocious and shaggy and threaten to take over the house! I go see my favorite groomer Miss Jacquie. Stay cool, buddy!

  11. Young cool groomer will learn in time that a business grow with good customer service and not ease of grooming. Poor Alf, he is handsome all the same.

    We are all shedding quite a bit again too. The weather has been so crazy our furs don't know what the season is.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Oh dear. I hope the young entrepeneur improves. Such a sad doggie passing story. I love your kittens. I'd love to foster again

  13. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I am dropping fluff everywhere right now too! It's to help the birds out so they can make nests. And also to give the people something to do - I think they like sweeping because they seem to do it all the time! We are sorry to hear about Simba. And yes, comfort is important in the hot weather! Alf we hope you feel better now!

  14. Alf looks both relieved and comfortable. I so wish one could save all the fur off of my Samson, but for his breed it has to stay.

  15. I meant to say shave. And then if one did save, one could make a sweater or something of it.

  16. Wow, Alf looks so much cooler, and holy cow! :)
    Sounds like young cool groomer needs to work a bit on her customer service skills!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. I'm so glad that nail trimmer girl took such wonderful care of Alf. Alf is a lucky dog, having you look out for him.

  18. So glad everythibg worked out with clean and cool dogs. You are such a wonderful advocate for the dogs in your care.

  19. I was a training manager in my work life. I kept several copies of The four Agreements on my lending library shelf for our employees to check out and take home to read. If I could, I would hand every new business owner a copy! The first agreement is: Be Impeccable With Your Word.


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