Friday, January 29, 2021

Back in Business!

We’ve all had those weeks. Well, mine turned into one of those months. It all began when my desktop computer (about 8 years old) started shutting down for no reason. Carl tried everything to fix it and keep it going, even putting a fan in the back because someone mentioned that it could be a "cooling issue." It didn't work. So before the computer and *WE* gave up, Carl got me a new computer. I don't need all the bells and whistles when it comes to a computer, and thankfully he got a really good deal on one and assured me that setting it up would be a breeze. Transferring pictures, and files proved to be a bit of a challenge. Actually, not so much of a challenge for Carl, but getting the "old" computer to agree to give them up in between shutting down was not the easiest. And I'll admit that my impatience at the whole thing and how much time Carl was spending on it didn't really help either. At any rate, aside from those few glitches I think I am back in business. Yay for us! Happy New Year! 

~The Wolf-Moon shining bright this morning~

In what feels like for-ever that I've been gone because of waiting on Carl to get my computer set up, I've been reading blog posts on my phone, which worked okay.... And that's all I'll say about that. With that, I've decided to tweak things just a little bit on my blog. You may or may not notice, but my blogging goal for 2021 is to post a little bit more often -- So, lets see where it all goes.  

With that, I'll tell you that we had a couple highs and lows at our house last week. 

A high was that we celebrated a birthday at our house. It was the **14th birthday** of our girl, Sophie. You'll recall that in June 2018 she was treated with radiation for a softball size malignant thyroid tumor that her previous owner was told would extend her life by one year. Obviously they were wrong, and we are thankful for that, and that Sophie is part of our household.  And while she may not have been smiling on the outside, I know she is on the inside, because there was a lot to celebrate on her birthday. Sophie is up and around, loves her mealtimes (💓!), she practically runs to her spot when she sees I have her bowl. She breathes really heavy, coughs and chokes a bit more than I'd like, but she gets herself through those moments and is no worse for wear.

~The Birthday Girl!~

I sent Sophie's birthday picture to our groomer, who is friends with Sophie's former owner. Irina (groomer) shared it with "Judy" who I will add is about 95 years old, and her caretaker said that Judy was so happy to get her picture that she cried. I'm glad I thought to send it to her. 

On a lower note, there's Buddy, our foster boy for Lab Rescue. I don't post about him much. I have my reasons for that. I have a story about Buddy that I'll tell you at some point very soon - It remains "in draft" until I can find the right words to finish it.

But he is doing pretty well. Despite that Buddy cannot get to his feet on his own, he is engaged in what's going on around him, has a good appetite, and he loves having acupuncture with our Holistic Vet. But he's having spasms in his neck that appears to be strained, making it hard for him to move his head. We think it happened when he was rolling over -- something he loves to do -- Buddy had acupuncture yesterday to help with that, and today, as expected, he's worn out from it, and we're hoping he'll feel better in a day or so. 

And speaking of a day or so, the weathermen tell us we are in the path of a winter storm that after a dry-spell of about 2 years since we've had a measurable snow, we are hopeful and ready ..... I think! 

~Todd waiting for snow~


  1. I'm glad to hear all is well - and the computer behaving itself, I worry when I don't hear from people living in the 'hot spots'. Happy birthday Sophie, she looks pretty singleminded about life! Food comes at the top of the list, I'll bet.
    Keep well, keep safe,

  2. Happy Birthday to Sophie! Glad to hear you are back up and running with your new computer. It's never fun or easy to transfer everything from an old one to a new one especially if the old one isn't behaving very well. I too had problems for a while and sent mine off for fixing. Luckily they were able to replace my hard drive and clone the old one before it gave up completely. I'm also fortunate to have a slightly older laptop that I could use while my newer one was being repaired.

    We're finally getting some snow! Our totals have been way below average for us (about 2 feet less so far) so we aren't complaining.

  3. Lovely to see your name pop up on my blog roll dear friend, I was thinking you were just taking a little bloggy break.
    Computers seem to be one of those things you can't live without and we take them for granted knowing somewhere unexpectedly they will go kaput 😁
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl, and hope that Buddy is able to have better days.

  4. So good to hear from you. We are glad Carl was able to get the new computer working for you, and we send big wishes to Sophie for a very happy birthday. We hope Buddy will be feeling a lot better over the weekend. It sounds like he has quite a story to tell. Hope the storm brings you some snow and no problems. We would use some snow here too, but Mom says no thanks, that's OK:)

    Woos - Lighting, Misty, and Timber

  5. I do a certain amount of rescue, too. I love the oldsters. Some (unasked-for) advice about your new computer: I just went through this, too, and I added an external hard drive about the size of a pack of cards. I back up EVERYTHING onto it daily.

  6. Happy Birthday to Sophie, I am certain her former owner was appreciative! I would be. Hope you like the new computer I think mine is 11 years old this year...:)

  7. Had to laugh. Must be something in the name 'Sophie' that makes them tough.... and makes mealtimes the highlight of the day !

  8. Hello,
    I am glad everyone is well, except for the old computer. I always try to remember to back up my photos. You never know when the computer will die. Happy belated birthday to Sophie. Sending well wishes for Buddy. I am not a snow lover, so I hope this is not a major snow storm. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  9. Good to have you back Kim.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Sophie, she's doing well, and a typical Lab with her love of food! Hope that Buddy will improve with the treatment he's getting.
    Tell Todd to wrap up warm when he goes out into the snow - it can be chilly for a little chap!

  10. Sorry about the computer issues. I had to replace mine about a year ago.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Sophie!!!

    We all hope Buddy is feeling better healing purrs for him.

  11. what a wonderful post. and always heartwarming pictures!
    it's wonderful that you shared Sophie's birthday pic with Judy.
    can't you imagine how wonderful she felt knowing Sophie is still alive and well! bless you Kim.
    and good old Buddy. he's just a trooper for sure.
    and Todd watching for SNOW. LOL!
    glad Carl could make everything good on your new computer!xoxo

  12. My computer is OK. It's just the stuff I write that isn't.

  13. Nothing worse and more worrisome than computer problems! I'm afraid mine may be approaching that point soon. Yikes!

    Happy birthday Sophie! Sorry to hear about

  14. Rhus tox (better from movement) and bryonia (worse with movement) might help with Buddy's issues.

  15. We recently went through computer problems, it is so exhausting and frustrating.

  16. Oh my, that must have been a beautiful and hard moment for Judy to see her beloved dog.

    Computer, blogger problems keeps our minds off worrying about what else is going on in this world. I welcome any diversion.

  17. Congratulations on the new computer.
    Happy Birthday, Sophie!
    Prayers for Buddy.
    *hugs* and prayers for you all.

  18. Awwww.... Happy Birthday Sophie!! I'm so glad you got a picture of Sophie to her former owner. There's nothing like knowing a beloved pet is enjoying life after leaving. I used to feel that way about our little foster babies, when they'd get adopted. Every letter we'd receive, with a picture, was manna from heaven... as I was thoroughly convinced the baby would never EVER smile again after leaving us. *lol* We got about 8" of the white stuff last night. Uggghhhh!! It's just now starting to get light and I'm wondering how I'll ever get out to the birdfeeders. One step at time, I suppose. ~Andrea xoxo

  19. Hope the new computer behaves for another 8 years. I have started storing all my files in the cloud, which makes it easier when devices stop working!

  20. Happy Birthday to Sophie!! Ugh, I have very little patience with computer issues too, and reading blogs on my phone does not work well for me either! Glad you are back up and running. ♥

  21. I am *so* glad that you are back. Happy Birthday to sweet Sophie! And, I hope that Buddy feels better very soon. Welcome back!

  22. What a sweet birthday girl! Happy Birthday Sophie, and my heart goes out to Buddy. So glad he has you. Don't know how you do it all. You are wonderful!


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