Sunday, February 7, 2021

Home Alone

THIS TIME the weathermen got our snowy forecast correct. The snow started right on time in the early morning hours and lasted until mid-morning
But there was no way it was going to last. It was a wet and heavy snow that was pretty as it hung onto everything. 
By lunchtime it was pretty much gone and was replaced with blue skies and lots of melting. 

But before that happened, I got all the dogs outside with the goal to let them enjoy the snow, and wear them out just a bit because it was just me at home today -- And I just wanted to relax and recharge. I had my second-dose of the COVID vaccine and I have had a low grade headache and I am feeling some fatigue. 

With everyone fed, loved, played with, worn out and dried off, I got that quiet day at home alone that I wanted. 
Even our indoor/outdoor kitty Gerry got a quiet nap this afternoon in the guest bedroom. 

While the snubbing of the Mercedes-Benz dog bed continues.


  1. So funny . . .
    What is the deal, haven’t they even tried it???

  2. We all need a day alone day once in awhile!
    Good for you!

  3. I am doubtful if I will have the vaccine, reading of some reactions, and knowing how I have huge side effects form some medications. Do they really enjoy the snow? What a job to rub down, dry all those paws, and then the M B bed still lies vacant!!!

  4. The snow looks so pretty. What fun you all had, and such a good way to tire everyone out! Have you tried putting treats on the fancy dog bed, or would they just eat them, and go back to their old beds?
    Glad that you had some time to yourself too.

  5. Hello,
    Love all the cute puppy dog photos, they look adorable. We had some snow too, the previous snow never melted. That is strange they do not like the new bed. We are waiting for the first vaccine dose. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  6. A picture perfect cozy day, Kim! I'm glad you got one, as well as the canines & feline too. And the snubbing of the Mercedes Benz bed... that gave me a chuckle. Don't you wonder what's going on in their heads, as to why that bed isn't being chosen? ~Andrea xoxo

  7. wonderful pictures! both of the snow and the beloved furries.
    I'm glad you got a calm and peaceful and rejuvenating day alone!
    and just thinking... there is bound to be Something Wrong with that bed! I mean... one or two boycotting it maybe... but ALL of them? they know something we don't! xoxo

  8. I'm telling you, Kim. If you curl up on it for a bit, one of them will use it!!!

  9. There's nothing better than a good romp in the snow to tire out the pups. The snubbing of that great bed made us chuckle just a bit. We hope someone takes a liking to it soon.

  10. It is a good thing that the snow is melting. Wet snow is very heavy and can make tree branches break. Then where would your birds live?

  11. The bed doesn't have a dog smell to it. Maybe you could lay on it and Todd would come lay on it with you, give it a dog smell. Not that works for couches, but might do the trick for this. Good looking group of babies.

  12. That sounds like the perfect day. It is really nice to have a day alone. But as Mom says, were you really alone with all those furries around? :)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Aren't snow days the best? The animals sure looked to have enjoyed it! I hope you are feeling better.

  14. Glad your snow went away. Hope you have no further complications from the vaccine.

  15. I bet that all the pups loved the snow (before it melted)!!!! That snubbing of the fancy bed is just so funny!

    I am so glad that you got your vaccine. I hope that you're feeling all better by now.

  16. Just catching up . . . The snow pictures are so serene. On recent posts, foster girl Shelby is such a sweetheart. And I especially like the picture of the beautiful Birthday Girl Sophie, in part because she looks just like our girl Millie. I sympathize with the deluxe dog bed being snubbed. We just got a fancy (and pricey) cat scratcher for our cat Boots. So far she's having nothing to do with it. As an incentive, I have taped pictures beside it from the package showing a cat highly enjoying the scratcher, but to no avail.


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