Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Snow Globe

In my corner of northern Virginia, it has felt like we're stuck inside a snow globe. This past week it's like someone passes by every couple of days, turns us upside-down and shakes us up because I really think I'm hearing the faint sound of  “Winter Wonderland” as its snows again. 

At least that’s how it feels when I look out the window, especially this week. But that's going to change today because we’re looking rain, snow, and ice. I. can't. wait. 🙄

But even if I feel like we're living inside a snow globe right now, at least I have all my favorite things inside, and here at home.

We have soup for dinner - Pasta Faggioli 

It's pretty picture-perfect inside our snow-globe too. 

There are many birds to look at that often land on the railing of our porch

And so much more. I'm grateful for that we're able to be home and that's it's pretty quiet on the home front right now. Coming up this week is finishing up the write-ups for Shelby and Jack to make them available for adoption. 

I think Jack is one of the most handsome Black Lab we've ever fostered for the Golden Retriever Rescue! 

One adoption that is almost final is Buddy, our "big eyed foster boy" for Lab Rescue. I can't tell you about it yet because Lab Rescue needs to put or give their approval on it first, and so I'll tell you all about it in my next post. 
~Buddy in December~

And who knows, maybe by the next post, the snubbing of the Mercedes-Benz dog bed will have ended. I have tried your great suggestions, and also added a couple of towels that we used to dry the dogs off with in hopes that would make a difference. So, lets see...


  1. I know you aren't used to seeing so much snow but it looks very familiar to us. Paws crossed that the dog bed finally gets used.

  2. Hoping all goes well for the adoption finalization, Kim as well as the write ups in process. As for Jack, he is a VERY handsome boy!! We too are in for rain, snow and sleet for the next week...UGH!...stay

  3. Gosh, one doggie is on the floor rather than on the Royal Bed. That soup looks good! Today here the fosters/rescuers put a Mayday out for shelters for chained and outside dogs and feral cats, because we will have very cold temps for our area. I took stuff out of a small garden shed type of structure and they came and got it, destined for some feral kitties.

  4. We have some snow here and more coming tomorrow. But Mom feels like she is living inside a giant ice cube. It is really cold her and has been for days on end. We "think" we might see a break by next weekend. Of course we do love the cold and the snow:)

    Jack definitely IS very handsome. Good luck with all the adoptions. Stay warm and dry.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Love the Cardinal. Despite being in three cities, there are Cardinals in all of them (Chicago, St Louis and Aroozona). The baseball team stayed put. Yes, I saw a male redbird take flight today. Besides parrots, Cardinals are my fave.

  6. Hello,
    Happy Valentine's Day. The weather has been awful lately, just cold snow, sleet and freezing rain. We need some warm sunny days to melt the snow. Cute photos of Todd, Buddy and Jack is adorable. I hope all goes well. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  7. I do hope that Buddy's adoption goes without a hitch and that he's happy in his new home. Jack is such a handsome boy that I'm sure there will be many offers of a forever home for him.
    No snow here, it's not something we get even on the coldest winter day. Today it's 19ºC, with a chilly wind.
    Strange how dogs can resist a comfortable bed!

  8. We are inside the snow globe right along with you, Kim. We've had at least 12" of the white stuff in the last 24 hours, with more predicted for Monday as well as Wednesday. Happy trails, Buddy... may you be loved beyond measure. ~Andrea xoxo

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to all of your Lab family. They are are lucky to be found and loved by you.

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day Toddy and family XOXO Smooches Jazzi

  11. Our snow globe finally shut down after 18" of snow. We needed the break!

    Hope all the dogs are well, as are you.

  12. we're also in the Snow Globe. what a delightful description.
    it's still coming down. has been all last night and today.
    I wonder if the forbidden Benz bed is somehow 'placed' in a way none of them likes. would it be worth trying to change it somehow?
    your soup looks as good as it no doubt SMELLS!!! and that would surely be WONDERFUL.
    so glad you're at home. and safe. and warm. XOXO

  13. Talking about a Snow Globe . . .
    We have it . . . since the 20 plus inches a week ago
    and 3-4 inches of snow every day since then we are
    pretty much buried to the brim.
    Driving anywhere is a challenge!

    I hope the adoption plans work out for you and “the kiddos!”
    And t hope the vacant bed finally gets owned by someone.
    I would curl up in there, bet they would all join you then!

  14. Have you tried sleeping on Mercedes?
    Or put a towel YOU have dried off on , on Mercedes.

  15. I love your description of living in a snow globe. It is beautiful there. Jace really is very handsome. That's so funny about the Mercedes-Benz dog bed. Don't you wish there was some way the dogs could tell you why they don't use it. That pot of soup looks delcious.

  16. I especially like your photo of the beautiful cardinal; it's one of the things I miss the very most, having grown up in Indiana but now living on the Northern California coast. So glad to hear of Buddy's upcoming adoption. It was also nice to see a picture of Sunny on a recent post; we don't often see Sunny. And yes, Jack is a very handsome guy!

  17. We've been pretty stuck in a snow globe here too, and I'm just trying to embrace the peace of winter. Trying. Deep down, I'm just really ready for spring. :)
    Good luck with all the adoptions, paws crossed things work out for everyone. ♥

  18. A cardinal in snow. That is a glorious sight!!!!

  19. No one wants to claim that bed! Silly dogs:) Stay warm!

  20. Great snow. Seemingly only 10% of prime NY office space is being used this week. Wonder why ? As for the bed. Buy something from Costco and they won't go near it. Buy something pricey and they'll only go for something beat up . The joy of dogs.


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