Saturday, September 25, 2021

Our Week

 Here's our week in picture review ....

Sunday - Todd couldn't and wouldn't stop scratching his ear. 

We cleaned it and put in medication. I think that made it worse.

Monday - Off to work. Traffic is getting back to having pre-pandemic delays as people return to their offices and kids are back at school.

Tuesday - hornets, or yellow jackets, I don't know which, have eaten the few pears we have on our tree. We knocked the pears off the tree to try and get rid of them. It's a total loss of the fruit.

Wednesday evening - How I feel when my work week is over. 😊 

Thursday - Deer watching and just being outside. It was a gorgeous day.

Friday - A really busy day. I left the house at 8:30 to get to the groomers by 9:45 with Todd and Jake. Max was on the list to be groomed too, but we decided that his hurt knee still needs a few more weeks. 

Jake has been totally transformed. Irina (our groomer) took more off of his coat than I wanted. But we talked about it, and she thought it was best. I totally trust her judgement. Jake's coat was so thick and so heavy and I know he will feel better, and not be so hot, even though the weather has suddenly turned cooler. 46° this morning.

~All the hair that was removed from Jake~
A very tired Todd afterwards.

Saturday - Our day is just beginning. Whatever it brings, I hope yours is an enjoyable one.


  1. Hello,
    Traffic here seems to have picked up too, everyone back at work and school. Love all your cute furbabies. I hope Todd's ear is healing and Max's knee is recovering. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. Are dog groomers a little like human hairdessers - they can't help themselves once they have the scissors in their hand?


  3. Traffic? We are so far out of town that we never have a traffic jam.

  4. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and get some well-deserved rest.

  5. Fog is both beautiful and eery at the same time. I hope little Todd's ears get better soon. Are they healing & that's why they bother him so? You know how wounds are when they're healing... they get scratchy. I hope your days slow down some for you, dear friend. That traffic looks absolutely deplorable! I will rejoice with you when you can finally retire!! ~Andrea xoxoxo

  6. Dogs are looking good! Glad you are all safe and well. God bless.

  7. Wow! You've sure had a busy week! We've been super busy too. I finally have an entire weekend off, and I'm trying to catch up on my favorite bloggers' posts.

    I agree about sometimes ear medicine makes things worse. We've had a total of 4 cocker spaniels in this home over many years. The first three had incessant ear infections and allergies that needed constant cleaning and medication. By the time we got to Joey dog, I began to think the ear cleaning solutions and meds were actually causing all of his trouble. Now Chester has NEVER had an ear infection in all of his 13 years! I have also NEVER cleaned his ears! They've never seemed dirty, crusty, smelly, or itchy either. The vet is always amazed how good Chester's ears are at his age. Maybe Chester is just lucky. But it kind of makes you wonder. We hope Todd's ears feel better soon.

  8. That sure is a busy week. We have our paws crossed that Todd's ears feel better soon.

  9. Sometimes I think the groomers are somehow attuned to what a doggie wants, they somehow know whether to groom closely or let it go. Some kind of sixth sense. The doggos look great! I hope Todd's ear doesn't get to be a Pillow Ear, we had that twice! But in a golden.

  10. what a week you've had. and you handled it beautifully.
    I like to think it's keeping you YOUNG! you have amazing patience and just an overall great attitude toward life itself.
    just the look of that working commute traffic and my knees weaken! HOLY HANNAH! be safe darling girl. and try to rest! XO

  11. Poor Todd, perhaps it is the medication causing him more trouble, but difficult to know what would be best. I do hope you can find a solution.
    Had to smile at Jake after his visit to the groomers - he looks like an very chubby Labrador, rather than a Golden! It's only the fur that makes the difference.

  12. Poor Todd...ear problems can be the pits. Chance used to get ear infections after being at the groomers...I finally asked them to put cotton balls in his ears!

  13. Yikes, some of your business makes us pups cringe...grooming sessions and bad ears...phooey!! BOL!

    Hope you have a calmer week ahead:)

  14. Wow, that sure was a hectic week!

  15. What delightful pictures! I'm sorry that Todd's ear has bothered him but his comical smile made me laugh. Catching up with your previous post, dear Sheba so happy on "her" bed won my heart.

  16. Hi friends, Ojo here! That is a very busy week! We hope you are all well and enjoying the fog - doesn't it just bring in the best smells!?!?


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