Saturday, September 18, 2021

What's Taking My Time

Life has been humming right along for us. So grab a snack, get comfy and I'll tell you what we've been up to.

Carl went to see family out of state, leaving me to be the single-dog-mom, which as you can figure, took a lot of time.

~Our very handsome foster boy, Jack~

I did what I could to wear the dogs out, which involved walks and playing ball. Todd with his Scottie sized mouth, can fit two tennis balls in his mouth at once. 

I've made the trek more than once to Mobile Vets office. First was our newest arrival, Jake. 
This big boy weighed in at a smidge over 100 pounds. He was really good at the vet, and all tests that were returned show that he's a healthy 13 year old boy. 

At home he's settled in really nicely. His pal appears to be Todd. They spend time outside together, barking at the deer, or whatever the two think needs to be barked at. I think Jake is having a good time.

Our boy Max, who had two knee surgeries almost exactly 5 years ago, somehow hurt his knee. So, he's on limited activity. 

Bringing up the rear for vet appoints was Todd. His was just for his yearly exam, rabies vaccine and bloodwork. At 10 years old, it was a first for him to have senior blood work.  

~Todd got a bandage from the vet, and I got the bill~

Our hospice foster girl Sheeba is doing well. Sadly, the cancer shehas is taking its toll on her appearance, and she's painfully thin, even though she eats enough for 2-3 dogs every day. She always barks at me when I am in bed, and then she stands there and stares at me. It occurred to me that she may want onto the bed, so I put her up on the bed with me. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep and start snoring. I guess it's what she's always wanted. Now she wants to be on the bed every night. ❤

Shedding season has also started, and it was Shelby's turn for a bath and an overdue brushing out. 

In the meantime, Ree ate a bar of soap....

And George is the one that ended up with a bad upset stomach. Go figure.

Our mailbox disappeared.... I think it got knocked off by a passing truck or something like that.

And my longtime and very dreaded nemesis, the dreaded Brown Marmorated Stinkbug has reappeared.  I have to say, they are one thing I could do without. 

Whatever you're having to put up with or without, I hope all is well in your corner of the world. THANKS for stopping by! 


  1. You sure have been busy and taking care of lots of different issues with the pups. That sure is a lot of stink bugs!

  2. Stink bugs are right in there with mosquitos and fire ants. Why did God make them?
    I do hope George is feeling better.
    Is that *all* fur you got from Shelby? Goodness!
    Perhaps Sheba finds your bed warmer? No doubt she likes your closeness also.

    You all be safe and God bless, Kim.

  3. Wonderful update! Times flies by so quickly. So you have a "new new" foster, Jake! All the doggos are so good-looking. Even surrounded by a blanket of fur! We just got our chiweenie back from the vet -- upset tummy too, and we are to watch him closely and give meds. May God Bless our pets!

  4. That is a lot of time you need to expend on your furry loved ones!
    Hope the tummy upset clears up, and the other issues stay minor.

    Hang in there!

  5. Watch Todd carefully with those balls. Kyla the Scottie (RIP) could split a plastic frisbee in two without using any props.

  6. You have a bunch to care for there . . .
    You can tell, they like YOU!
    Not sure how you do it all!

    We only had one doggie . . .
    One thing I miss most about our Snickers
    is the touch of her hair, rubbing her ears . . .
    So soft and comforting . . .

  7. There's never a dull moment at Golden Pines. You really have your hands full, Kim, but all the dogs are such a credit to you, they are so loved and well cared for. Hope Todd's bloodwork results are good.
    Had to laugh at Ree eating a bar of soap - typical Lab. - they'll eat anything! Poor George getting the upset stomach - unless Ree shared with him!

  8. Hello,

    You had a busy time on your own, taking care of all the furbabies. I am sure the soap was not tasty, ugh. Sending well wishes for Max, Sheeba and George. I am seeing those darn stick bugs too, yuck. Take care, have a happy new week!

  9. Well you have been busy. I need to arrange a bath and brushing out for my two as well as my Dad's dog.

  10. That is a lot to manage. I can barely handle two!

  11. Lots to keep you busy xxx

  12. Thanks for the update, you are a busy woman, doing so much good for the dogs. And I can't believe Todd is 10 years old! I remember when he came and how I was so happy because I felt he would help you through when an old dog passed away. How time flies.

  13. You have your hands full! Thank you for taking care of all the needly dogs:)

  14. I like the new banner! and I loved this post. told with facts and a generous undercurrent of your wry humor and total LOVE for these fur people. how you do it all is a wonder! and the pictures... they're Always wonderful. why do so many of them LOVE Soap?!!! LOL. it's why I switched to liquid soap. my little cocker used to love the used bar and once it got stuck in her throat. scary moments! I'm glad Todd has a new pal. :D
    rest when you can darling bean. and know that you are loved! XOXO

  15. It was nice to see all the doggies at your place, and hear about all the good care you give them.

  16. I love that Sheeba just wanted to come up in bed. I'm glad that you figured that out! You're so good to your pups.


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