Sunday, April 3, 2022

Me and Julia Child and The Dogs

My first week at home was a bit of a blur, the second week, was kind of a repeat of that. I've gotten a lot of rest. And I have to mention that I've been the recipient of some very thoughtful friends who've brought amazing and delicious meals, sent cards, texted, took me to lunch, and last week a good friend and I went to the movies one afternoon. Each new day brings a little more healing – for which I am beyond grateful.

While at home by myself, there's really not a lot going on. The dogs have the routine that they are used to, and I'm trying to continue with that. This routine is mostly sleeping, and wanting to go outside midday, when our dog-walker typically comes. 

The quiet moments in between, when I'm not napping, I have been spent reading, cruising Facebook, and watching cooking shows, which is a favorite way that I love to pass time - Even though I am not a fancy cook and I am certainly not a home-chef. Nevertheless, it doesn't keep me (or anyone) from learning about and loving food and of course going out and trying new restaurants because, well, I love to eat.đź’“

But back to the cooking shows. I've been watching Julia Child's cooking show from the 1960's.  For those of you who don't know or remember who Julia Child is, you may remember the 2009 movie about her, Julie and Julia - And if you didn't see the movie, I'll tell you that she is a famous chef, author, and television personality, who made French cuisine accessible to American audiences. She was one of the first women to host her own cooking show on television, providing tips and lessons on how to prepare French food simply and easily.

~Foster Girl, Jaycee~

I've really enjoyed watching "The French Chef" a couple of  mornings a week, and I am even learning a few things along the way. In these old episodes, I've been taking Julia's simple advice and for fun, I've been posting her advice on Facebook and adding my thoughts to a specific day that I'm home recovering. So, I'll share a couple of my favorites with you. 

**On DAY THREE of my at home recovery, Julia Child's advice for the day was:

**If you're alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who's going to know?** 

This is really true, who would know, right? However in my world, it will only work if you can beat that 2 or 3 second dog who always sees whatever you drop at that moment it's dropped. (photo below is Jake and Ree).   

**On DAY NINE of my home recovery and Julia Child's advice for the day was:

*to not be afraid of eggs.*
I've never met an egg I was afraid of, and our girl Ree, on the left, certainly isn't afraid of them, and I've no doubt that very, very soon, Jaycee won't be leery of eggs and will love to eat them as much as we all do. 

And finally,  **on DAY TWELVE of my home recovery and Julia Child's advice for the day was to 

**BE FEARLESS and have fun.** 

Todd is of course the most fearless in our house, not even afraid of his shadow, and I think he has fun too! 

I hope you've had a fun weekend - Onto my 3rd week at home.


  1. Be afraid to mess with one of my eggs. I've laid three this spring but they won't hatch with no male around.

  2. I had to smile at your comment that with dogs around, anything you drop needs to be picked up almost before it hits the floor! Duke, one of our dogs would counter surf, and was once spotted running down the garden with a just cooked leg of lamb I was about to serve up to visitors!
    Can't say we're afraid of eggs either, and Inca certainly enjoyed her portion of scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning!

  3. Hello,
    Love your cute furbabies. I hope you are feeling much better, recovering well and enjoying your time at home with the dogs and cooking. I enjoy trying new recipes and love watching cooking shows. Our grand dogs are quick picker uppers, nothing stays on the floor for long. Take care, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. Watching The French Chef is a great way to pass the time. We are lucky to have a "helper" in the kitchen too, but Walter (who always comes to see what is up in the kitchen) will see whatever falls but won't go for it unless you say it's okay. All paws are crossed that your recovery continues to go well.

  5. P.S. I meant to tell you that if you get HBOMax there is a series that started last week called "Julia" about Julia Child. Haven't seen it yet so I can't offer any review.

  6. I remember seeing Julia Child's cooking show. Oma used to watch it. I think that's where she got the idea that you can never add enough butter to anything.

    About eggs. Years ago when Chester was still young and agile, a silly robin made a nest on a low part of our backyard pear tree, and laid four eggs in it. Chester didn't waste any time finding them. He stood up on his hind legs, and ate all the eggs in one gulp! The robin came back and was totally confused about where her eggs went. I removed the nest from the tree so that the episode wouldn't be repeated.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. I agree with another poster. Julia never lived with counter surfers. When you have a whole pack of them and one that knows how to open the refrigerator, cooking becomes a real challenge.

  8. what a wonderful post! and the pictures as always are priceless.
    keep getting well dear heart! soon it will just be like a distant dream. I love Julia Child. she was just Real and wonderful. xo

  9. Julia probably didn't have a dog but that would have been a subject for another cooking show. Good that you are keeping a sense of humor! Get well soon!

  10. I like your Julia facts and your take then. :)

  11. I'm so glad you're continuing to mend. Aren't dogs the best kitchen helpers ever? Our dogs favorite moment was when the pizza came out of the oven and flipped upside down on the floor.
    I especially like Todd's Scottie shadow!

  12. I sometimes don't even need to drop food before a dog gets it, depending on the dog we've adopted. My husband once wanted banana pudding for his birthday. I made it from scratch, only to return to our kitchen to find a golden up on her hind legs, bent over the counter, her face buried in the middle of the banana pudding. My husband horrified our teen daughter's friends when he decided to eat around the edges she, hopefully, hadn't touched. I hope you continue to heal well. I don't know what kind of surgery you had, but I have a family history of a dominant-gene, premenopausal breast cancer. When an early cancer was found on one side, I elected to have bilateral mastectomies, ready to be through with the testing and watching. My sister elected to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomies. These kinds of decisions are hard, but I'm still here 32 years later and so is my sister, the two of us outliving my mother by decades. I feel grateful to have those extra years and I hope, after healing, you'll feel grateful, too.

  13. I love "be fearless and have fun"! I could've used that advice a long time ago! Keep on healing!


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