Monday, March 28, 2022

The 28th of March

It’s the 28th day of the month and yet it may well be the coldest part of it. However, the weathermen are telling us that we'll trend warmer after today and we should be into the 70s by Thursday. But that’s when we could have some strong thunderstorms as an intense storm system barrels through our region. We'll see if they get it right. 

~We had several snow-squalls blow through on Saturday~

Life at our house has of course taken on a little bit of a slower pace. I'm getting more than enough rest, and have just enough going on that I'm not yet bored being at home. Not that this could or would ever happen at our house! 

~Ree and Tiggy the cat napping together - Why do I make the bed?~

But how I would love to be outside - Because I can't help but feel strongly that if I'm going to be home, I need some warmer weather! And I think the locals (below) would agree! 

~The Locals~

Todd on the other hand, is okay with whatever the weather is, he just wants to be outside. 

I do have to add that there's been a bit of a change with Todd recently. When we put him into his crate, to be fed, etc., he has started to whine and bark. Could it be that at almost 11 years old, he's outgrown being crated? What do you think? 


  1. Todd what a great name for a Scottie!! I love it
    All of your furries are beautiful what a wonderful mix of pets.
    Thank you for stopping by today
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. We're dealing with a cold blast up here too which left a few inches of snow on the ground overnight. Like you the weather is supposed to warm up in a few days. That is such a cute picture of Ree and Tiggy napping together.

  3. Maybe the change with Todd is you being home?
    You are to be resting , what is it with all this outside talk...sit on the porch , breath then go back in and lay down....recuperating is a hard job and takes a lot out of a person. Hugs.Tiggy under the blanket...heee.

  4. Crates are overrated. He doesnt like it. Let Todd be free!

  5. Todd is entering his senior years for a Scottie. Enjoy him while you can.

  6. The slumber 'party' had me squee-ing!!

    Todd is telling you no one will steal his noms so let me out already!

    Keep on resting up, its good for you right now:)

  7. Hello,
    The napping dog and cat is an adorable photo. Todd is so cute, maybe he is tired of being caged. My grand-dog Nibbles will go in her cage and lay down on her own, she likes being in the crate. The door is open and she can come and go.
    Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  8. Maybe Todd had some nightmares...poor boy. :(

  9. Perhaps Todd just wants to be with you now, rather than in his crate? Especially as the other dogs are free.

  10. We've been having some yoyo weather here too!

  11. Doggy dementia symptom is whining a lot.

  12. Hey Kim, I just read about your surgery. I wish you the very best. I think sweet old Todd just loves you and wants to be with you every minute especially now while you're home getting well. And, you're right about the dafodill How special was that! It was good sign and meant just for you. Oh, and yes, I think Todd could be an angel. Todd makes me smile. He has always looked like he was appointed to be in charge. :) You take care.

  13. what Wonderful pictures! the beautiful Locals!
    and Ree and Tiggy... oh be still my heart!
    and speaking of... being still and recuperating is sometimes hard. you're just not used to it. I hope the weather is good for you. you Deserve a rest! enjoy dear heart. Thank you for sharing your life And your blog. it is inspiring in so many ways. XO

  14. I absolutely love that photo of the buddies catching a nap. Todd probably thinks he's earned his freedom and he wants to be near you in case you need him.

  15. I hope that it gets warmer for you very soon! You could rest on your porch.

  16. Ree and Tiggy gave me a good laugh; what characters! Todd is such a fine-looking fellow, always an air of dignity about him. Take very good care of yourself, dear heart.


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