Tuesday, May 31, 2022


For this post, I thought I would share some of the random photos that I've taken over the last month or so. 

Ree, always happy. 

My peonies this year. Did you know that in the Victorian age it was considered unlucky to dig up a peony bush and, if you did, the fairies would curse you. I dislike thoughts of upsetting fairies or inviting curses so despite my red peony not blooming this year, maybe I'll resist that urge to move it in the fall. But I have decided that their sweet, rosy, citrusy fragrance is what heaven must smell like.

Jaycee waiting for Carl to come back inside. She really loves him.

I was going through some things and came across my Mom's 1951 high school year book. I didn't want it. But the county where my Mom graduated from in Kentucky has a Facebook page and so I asked if anyone would like to have it. To my surprise there were a few people who did - And someone who works in "City Hall" said they'd love to have it to add to the county museum. I was thrilled to be able to send it to them and it is now part of a collection of school memorabilia. My Mom would have loved it too! 

George and Todd, before his right ear went wonky. 

My very favorite bird, the Eastern Phoebe

Ree, sniffing out crumbs because she is sure there is a tidbit leftover from breakfast. 

Tibetan prayer flags on my fence. A gift from a friend before my surgery. The colors together signify balance - And I love the thought that their catching the wind allows "the prayers" to be carried far and wide and are a tribute to nature and peace and represent a spirit of harmony. And I'm told that I must never take them down because as they become slowly tattered over time, they release all their prayerful energy.

Finally, there's Max ....

Saying good-bye for now, and thanking you for stopping by. 

Wonky-eared Todd thanks you too.❤


  1. A lovely collection of photos Kim. Love the one of Jaycee waiting patiently for Carl. Are you keeping her, or you haven't yet found her a forever home?
    The Tibetan prayer flags are such a caring thought.

  2. Catching up again. Love your round up, I love peonies and always love looking at all your furry friends.

  3. Ya know, little "wonky-eared Todd" has a look that could grow on me. The one ear down gives him a certain debonnaire character! :-) Tibetan prayer flags.... oh how I LOVE that!! Wonderful pictures as always, dear friend. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. this post is so great. it's fresh and green and full of LOVE!
    from the beautiful Tibetan prayer flags to waiting for crumbs.
    I Love wonky. it's what makes us all interesting. and little Todd has been Interesting his whole life anyway! lol!
    I still love the post where he had done some gardening in one of the potted plants on your porch. he was very busy. :D
    bless you Kim. and Carl and your brother! XO

  5. It's nice to see everyone is doing well. We must be cursed because our peonies became weak from not getting enough sun, so we just took them out. LOL!

  6. Todd is full of character, and his wonky ear suits him fine. Jaycee’s devotion is a tribute to Carl, isn’t it. Peonies are my ‘top of Luxury’ flower and yours are so beautiful! I hope your recovery is going smoothly, the Prayer flags are a sweet gift.

    So good to see a happy collection of photos from your month. Thank you.

  7. Very nice to see all the progress. Hope all is well with you!

  8. It's so very good to catch up with you and know all is going well! Yes, a happy collection of photos. Oh peonies! We had so many in Indiana when I was growing up. They sadly don't like to grow for me on the Northern California coast. And Todd is always a champ, no matter if his ear is up or down.

  9. What a fun collections. Thanks for being random!

  10. Wonky eared cuteness! The flags are so colorful and cheerful!

  11. Love the picture of happy Ree. Glad to know you are feeling better

  12. I thought I was your favorite bird.

  13. TOW TOW TOW at Kismet's comment. He cracks me up.
    What a great idea to put the yearbook query on FB.
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. Hi friends, Ojo here! Thank you for sharing all your photos, it is wonderful to see some of you!

  15. We have phoebes here too, but I don't often see them.
    Todd is now the most unique (Wheaten) Scotttie ever!
    My neighbor has lots of peonies too, and so did my father in his gardens...but somehow the ones I planted did not do well in my yard at all. Yours are so pretty!
    Hope you are all better from the effects of your surgery.

  16. Hi friends, Ojo here again! We hope you are all doing well!


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