Saturday, August 13, 2022


I found myself 'unplugged' last weekend when I went to see longtime friends at Smith Mountain Lake, which is a large reservoir in the Roanoke Region of Virginia, by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Our friends have been on a bit of a journey (re)building their home - So it was my chance to see and enjoy their beautiful home nestled on a cove of the lake. My visit that included delicious homemade meals using their garden and a sight seeing and fun boat ride, could not have been more restful and enjoyable with them, and their 3 dogs. And would you believe I only only took one photo from the guest room - How was that for being unplugged? 

But does it count that I took this photo on my way home to show Carl just how inexpensive gas was in that corner of Virginia?  (nearly .50 cents cheaper)

Speaking of Carl, he of course took great care of the crew while I was away. At least that's what Daisy (below) told me. 

But before I skipped town for the weekend, Todd was finally taken to the groomer and is sporting a much cooler look. 
Bleary eyed Max is too. He was really worn out afterwards. 

So, onward through August we go. We have one more weekend trip lined up before the end of summer, so I'm hoping the nice and sunny weather will continue.
I hope you are having nice and sunny weather too! 


  1. So happy for you, Kim. God bless.

  2. Oh my, dear Todd, I love your LOOK. all of you look happy and well cared for while the lady of the house was away. nice view from the guest room.

  3. I am so so glad you had the chance to get away, my friend....and to do it without worry about the critters back home. Yayyyy!!!! That one picture told enough of the was all that was needed. How beautifully serene!! How wonderful. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. It sounds like you had a nice get away. The view from your room was nice, too.

  5. Those little getaways are such a shot in the arm.

  6. I forgot to add my name. At least I can post a comment now. Lori

  7. So glad that you were able to get away and unwind in such a beautiful spot.
    Thanks to Carl, the dogs look well cared for in your absence, and Todd is looking exceptionally smart with his new trim.

  8. Hi friends, Ojo here! Unplugged is good! So are all those doggy faces! So are those sunflowers! Such pretty sunflowers!

  9. I'm glad that Todd is OK. There's plenty of time to meet Kyla at the bridge.

  10. Glad you got some time to un-wind and the crew back home looked quite content. Love the sunflowers too!

    1. There won't be any sunflower seeds left after I get through with them. MMMMMMMMMM good


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