Thursday, November 24, 2022

Todd's Diagnosis

It's Thanksgiving day and I'm looking back at the hurdles we've had to get over just to get to this day. I'm not even sure where to start because its not been the best few weeks for us. 

On the morning of the 14th, I dropped off a very nervous Todd for his rhinoscopy. The Internist called afterwards and said that his sinuses looked healthy and clear, and there was no evidence of anything lodged there,  no masses or polyps or inflammation. Biopsies were taken, and the wait began for those results.

After work I picked up a very "stoned and spaced out" Todd who wanted nothing to do with me, which was okay and understandable. And so we went home for him to sleep off the anesthetic. I'll add here that the vet said that as he woke up from the anesthetic, he was very feisty and chewed through his IV. 

The biopsy reports were returned a week later, and I spoke to the Vet yesterday about them. It was mixed news as there was nothing obvious such as cancer, (thankfully!!) or an infection. The diagnosis is "Idiopathic Rhinitis" which simply means that there's no specific cause for his coughing, snorting, sneezing, etc. It could be triggered by something environmentally or an allergic response to something airborne inside the house. 

The vet wants to put him on a very heavy dose of steroids', to see if that helps -- But I am reluctant to do that because of the dose, and the long-term side effects that will come with it. If I decide to do this treatment, Todd needs to do a "wash out" of the anti inflammatory medication he is currently on, (rimadyl) so I have about 5 days on my side to consider it. 

It has been 'crushing' that there have been a 2-3 episodes of sneezing and coughing. But Todd seems happy and in good spirits and he is continuing to defend his turf from all the gangs of marauding deer and that's what's most important.  

And finally for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today - I'd like to take this day to tell you how much I appreciate your stopping by my blog, leaving your thoughts and how thankful I am for your cheering us on through our highs and lows. I hope that your Thanksgiving day is filled with the best new memories!

Photo above is Jack - It was two years ago yesterday that we met he and sweet Shelby. After what can only be described as a period of his mourning her loss, he is back to wanting to retrieve tennis balls again and be with us. 


  1. We have our paws crossed that however you decide to proceed Todd will feel better soon. It's nice to hear that Jack is back to being a tennis ball hound again.

  2. One of my cats started coughing a lot some years ago. My vet initially thought it was a cardiac issue, but those drugs had no effect so she went to a referral clinic for more thorough investigation. It turned out that she was allergic to something(s) but we never managed to figure out what. Since then (over 5 years), she has been on a constant, very low dose of prednisone. Initially, she had a 5mg tablet for a few days. We then went down to 3/4 and then half, and then 1/4. She has mostly been getting 1/4 for years, although if she has a flare up, I increase it for a few days. It's a cat but it sounds like a similar condition.

  3. Hello,
    I hope Todd is back to normal and feeling better soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. Several of my dogs have been on low doses of steroids for extended periods. Initially we started high and then tapered down. It made their quality of life so much better. I was worried at first but it worked well for them.

  5. Thank goodness the diagnosis is not something awful. I do hope that the vet is able to prescribe something that will help poor Todd's symptoms. If he's in good spirits and defending you from those pesky deer, then he can't be too feeling too poorly.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all on the other side of the "pond". Have a great day.

  6. Thanks to all of you and yours on this Thanksgiving Day .

  7. May your be filled with thanksgiving blessings. Gail

  8. A blessed Thanksgiving to you all, Kim.

  9. I'm so glad to hear that Todd's diagnosis wasn't anything too serious. Still a worry but hopefully manageable. We are very thankful for friends like all of you also. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. It is sad when you can find no clear diagnosis...maybe middle age:) Poor Todd...sometimes I think that animals can be allergic to things in their environment or people...perfume etc...
    Good to hear that poor Jack is feeling a bit more like himself.
    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, thank you for all you do for the dogs that don't have a home:)

  11. Todd you are so precious! And I'm so sorry that you're feeling bad and having those sneezes. I hope maybe they will just go away by themselves. I'm happy that there were no bad news things that we fear so much when biopsies are done hugs and prayers coming your way and I'm so glad that Jack is feeling better

  12. Glad to hear that Todd doesn't have anything really serious going on. Chester has been feeling a little better these past few days too.


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