Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ree's Culinary Adventure

As if the uncertainty of Todd's diagnosis wasn't enough on the week of November 14th, something happened that totally took the focus off of him. 

~Todd says if it's not about him, he's taking a nap~

It was late afternoon on Thursday the 17th - I remember hearing 'a noise' but instead of going to see what it was, I decided to ignore it. Big mistake. Huge mistake!  Because when Carl got home not long after that, he found that one of my leather hand-bags had been chewed up and eaten - Whatever you call it, I didn't have to try and decide which dog had done it, because this had Ree written all over it. I frantically looked for any pieces that may have not been eaten, and found none, but I was at least able to account for most of the brass-hardware that belonged to it. 

~What's left of my bag~

--- And this is where I'll add that the 'crossbody-bag,' a gift from a good friend a few years ago, has always hung in that same place in the spare bedroom when it's not being used -- Ree had to jump up to get it off its hook, which is the noise I heard-- Whatever possessed her to do it remains a total mystery, other than she's a Lab, and that's what they do. ---

So, back to my story.... With no signs of the about 6-foot handle/strap and the full leather flap gone from the bag, and fearing an intestinal blockage because leather of course doesn't breakdown, Ree and I were off to the emergency vet. 

Thankfully the closest emergency vet could see her -- We didn't have to wait long before they took Ree to the back to induce vomiting and take x-rays - which was done twice. After almost 3 hours, Emergency Vet came out and told me that she thought what was left in Ree's stomach, even a couple of the small brass rivets would 'pass normally.' 

With that news, I was able to breathe a little bit easier, but Ree wasn't totally out of the woods, and I was told to watch her closely, because a blockage was still a real possibility. So, for the next week, we watched Ree's every move, inside and outside. I'll spare you the graphic details, and just say that despite it all, we did see pieces of my chewed up bag again and I'll add that Ree was totally unaffected by it all and was totally herself. And as for me, I was totally exhausted. 

It's now 9 days since Ree's culinary adventure, and she still appears to be no worse for wear. I'm told that there's still a chance that an intestinal blockage could still occur. Of course I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that it won't, as I hope for a new Dooney and Bourke handbag for Christmas. I wonder what Ree is hoping for? 


  1. You have to wonder what goes through their mind to eat something they shouldn't glad she is okay so far:)

  2. Oh, dear! So sorry for the loss of your handbag but am glad Ree seems none the worse for her mischief. Methinks all such belongs should be kept behind closed doors or in a drawer!
    Hope you recover and Ree has no blockage.


  3. Oh dear, what was Ree thinking?? I am so thankful you could see a vet so quickly, and it all ended well, so far, We had one of the stray cats who lived with us demolish a toy mouse, he seemed to be paralysed, dragging his back legs, then vomited a huge amount of awful looking stuff.I think it included the suede tail!!!We also had a very quick vet visit.Hope the Christmas gifts include the new much desired present !!

  4. Oh dear, what a naughty Ree, you were so good to take Ree to the vet. That was a nice handbag, but no longer. I hope Ree continues to heal from that awful snack of leather and metal bits.

  5. So glad things are going far. That WAS a very beautiful bag. Hope things settle down to a dull roar and all the pups stay healthy. Never a dull moment at Golden Pines.

  6. We're glad to hear Ree is doing well so far, and we hope Santa can bring you a new bag for Christmas.

  7. Forgiveness is what she is wanting....after all she doesn't realize she has done anything wrong. Hope all comes out in the end with no hang ups.

  8. Wow! We've never had a dog chew anything up like that! (Chester did chew a piece off a fake leather chair, and took a chunk out of the carpet on the steps when he was a puppy, but we were able to find all the pieces.) We hope whoever did that deed will be OK and that everything comes out in the end (pun intended.)

  9. Oh Ree - a typical Lab., with very good taste - both literally and metaphorically! I hope all ends well and she has no further problems - or causes you any. I'm convinced that judging by similar episodes with my Labs, they are born with cast-iron stomachs.

  10. If she is like our first dog, Ezra, she was mad at you about something. Glad she is ok.

  11. Ree Oh dear me I have that very same Dooney and Burke Bag in Green. WOW...I hope the fine leather passed thru the innards ok.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Hello,
    Sorry about your bag being chewed, I am glad Ree is doing well. She should pick a tasty snack. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy weekend ahead.

  13. That's an unusual skill set so well done Ree ! Just don't practise it too often.

  14. Kim, I'm so glad that Todd is okay and that Ree came through okay, too. What a disappointment about the beautiful handbag. As to what Ree is hoping for, I'm guessing you're not the only one hoping for a new Dooney and Bourke handbag.

    Oh, the drama our pets put us through. Yesterday our 1-year old cat Cricket pulled up one of the heating vent covers and disappeared inside the furnace ducts that run beneath the house. I heard a loud crash but by the time I got there, he was down the chute. He soon appeared at another vent, looking frightened. It seems that it's much easier to go in than come back out, due to the contours of the sheet metal at the entry/exit. I could hold onto his head and front paws but he was well stuck beyond that. With a bar, hammer and "saws-all" my husband finally enlarged the opening just enough to release Cricket. Our hands were bleeding freely from all the sharp edges. We later discovered that Cricket had a 2-inch gash on his tummy from the sharp edges and he is at the vet right now to get stitches. Not an inexpensive procedure but so thankful he is okay. Thanks for letting me share this story!

    And this is Stephanie, apparently fated to remain Anonymous.


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