Sunday, May 5, 2024

Onto May!

 April was a month of catching up. Four of the dogs were past due to go to the vet, and so I got their appointments made and updated their needed care. 

Ree had to go by herself simply because she's terrible in the car. She's a backseat driver, sitting behind me and barking at everything ...

~Back sear driver, Ree~

Even at the cat and dog on my vet's mobile van. ūü§ó (I'll add we go to his office because it saves us the house-call-fee of $100). 

Jack also went by himself because he's just not good in small spaces with other dogs. 

~Jack going solo to the vet~

The easiest vet appointments belonged to Daisy and Max. Of course. 

~Max, always good no matter what~

For all of the dogs, aside from arthritis that both Max and Jack have, all four got good reports from the vet. We do have one more coming up in a week or so, that may not bring the best of news. More about that in another post. 

But getting caught up on grooming was also on the agenda. We're lucky enough to have 'Cindy' who comes to our house to trim nails and feet. It's a good side business for her. She's fast, and good, and best of all, our dogs like her because she brings lots of treats for them. 

~Marley, cool and calm during his pedicure~

On a sunny and warm day in late April, Cindy also came and bathed Daisy. She really needed a bath and a good brush-out. And I know I could have taken Daisy to a professional groomer for all of that -- But before we adopted her, Daisy hadn't had the best experiences when taken to one, so I opted to have it done at home. 

~Daisy not happy with her bath~

Of course Daisy wasn't really happy during the whole experience. But all was forgiven and it was smiles all around when it was all over. Cindy did a great job!  

~A very clean Daisy!~

When Daisy came to us nearly 2 years ago, I'd never gotten her a new collar. I thought this was a good reason to get her one that's perfect.  

~A daisy collar for our Daisy!~

And because what girl doesn't like something new to wear? 

Have a good week! I'm back to work after being off last week - something else I'll tell you about in my next post. 
~Milo saying how we both feel about my going back to work!~


  1. I'm with Milo about your having to go back to work. You have enough to do with taking care of the pups.

    I'm glad you had Daisy bathed and brushed at home. One of my daughter's pups had a good groomer and went with her brother, but somehow she panicked and ran away before the groomer put her collar back on. They spent days looking for her. Daisy looks so happy when it was all done. ❤️

  2. The pups must miss you so much when you have to go to work.
    Daisy is such a gorgeous girl and looks so much happier after her bath. That's a super new collar - what a smart girl!

  3. Love all the cute doggie photos. Daisy is a sweetie! Adorable photo of Max!
    Take care, have a wonderful week!

  4. That sounds like a busy week of vet and grooming visits. We hope you got some time to relax on your week off too.

  5. What a fun post with everyone looking happy! Ree and Jack are clever to insist upon personal chauffeuring. How fortunate you are to have Cindy. The shallow pool for bathing looks like such a smart idea though Daisy looks pretty glum. But a very nice new collar is a good reward. So good to see dear Milo, too but my favorite picture is sweet Max with his purple dinosaur. I hope you're feeling well and being back at work isn't too difficult.

  6. What a sweet smile Daisy has.

  7. Love the new collar Daisy!

    And I’m glad the vet appointments went well. I am finding them to be terribly stressful these days!

  8. Good solutions all around for potentially difficult situations. We love Daisy's daisy collar!


  9. So good to see these beautiful faces! And Daisy! Look at your 'after' photo-You've got great smile!! Juno

  10. Daisy looks beautiful and we think her new collar is the perfect finishing touch to her spa day. Lightning had to go alone to the vet too, he cried all the way there and then gave everyone there kisses. Good news on the good reports and we will cross our paws for that next one to go better than you expect.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh no on backseat barkers...
    What a treat to have a mani-pedi and a spa day at your home.
    Angel Madi didn't mind the vet but she did not like getting there. Luckily it was only 5 minutes from home and she sang the song of her people in first soprano.
    We were always amazed she let us do her nails w/o an complaints. She did not like being held so we were quick.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Love Daisy's collar! Milo has it right! They want you home full time!

  13. Poor Daisy - unusual for a Goldie to not enjoy water, she must've had a bad experience. My son's Goldie wasn't too keen on him bathing her, because he used COLD water, but she just loved being showered at our place - warm water and special "sensitive skin dog shampoo" followed by crazy running and rolling around on the carpet, draped in a towel!! Now, which experience would you prefer??

    I'm glad all the reports were good - fingers crossed for the next one, I'm sensing you're preparing yourself for bad news. XX

  14. Daisy has such a beautiful smile :)


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