Friday, February 5, 2010

Hunkering down again!

Well, here we go again!! The snow is back, and the prediction for this storm is for 2-3 feet before it all ends on Saturday night. I know this may not sound like much to some of you, but for an area that is only used to getting around 17 inches a year it's a big deal--The bottom line, we are real wimps here in Virginia!!

At the start of the winter, I didn't mind the snow because I really enjoy a good snow day and having a good reason to stay home! But I have to admit that with all we've had this year it is starting to lose its novelty because I'm not nearly as excited about this snowfall as I was about the others we've had.

I know you're probably tired of looking at my snow pictures, but it seems to be what my life is all about the last couple of weeks...Below is the view of our road as I was coming home from work this afternoon. You can see that the road was starting to get a glaze on it.

The 22 inches of snow we had in December really caught us off guard and unprepared with a way to "get out." Because we had no one to plow for us, or a snow-blower, we ended up shoveling the entire driveway. Since we've not been able to get a plow for our "lawn-tractor" we decided to park my van close to the bottom of the driveway to make getting out easier--At least that's our hope! This is the "old road" in back of our house that leads up to the open field. It certainly looks different in the snow, doen't it?

Home snowy-home!!! Which is where we'll be for the next couple of days--If the power stays on and we have an internet connection, it's not such a bad place to be snowbound!!!

Hmmmm...There were no pictures of the dogs or mention of them in this post...How'd that happen??


  1. There are no pics of dogs - cause they are all lined up in front of the fire place and hidin' from the snow.

  2. Stay warm you guys! Happy WEEKEND!!!!


  3. Hello Kim
    I love trees that grow over the road giving a canopy effect. There is one road near us where the trees give that impression and I love to drive along it.
    The first picture with the misty effect and the snow is really quite nic eto look at.
    Hope you stay warm over the weekend - maximums of about 30c/85f here for the next few days lol
    Take care

  4. Happy SNOWY Friday :)
    I think we are all in the same boat this weekend. We are not going to get as much as you but still the weatherman is calling for about 10 inches. That is alot for the Pittsburgh area!! All weekend sports activities for Alex have been cancelled so we too will be snowed in. I must admit I love it when that happens. The dogs were already outside and loving all this new snow. Just wait until they wake up in the morning and the snow reaches to their bellies. Stay safe and warm this weekend. I can't wait to see the pictures once the snow is done falling.

  5. Well both mom and dad stocked in supplies over the last couple of days. Dad got sent home at noon from work. It started here at about 1 PM and got heavy at about 3 PM. We've posted some pictures from this afternoon and scheduled them to post at midnight to cover our Saturday blog. Our blind pup, Radar, is having a GReat time in the stuff. Dad parked his car and mom's up by the street. The Bronco rescue wagon will get out with no problem but the Suburban has regular street tires so it won't be of much use. The snow blower that mom bought when we lived in Fredericksburg has been getting a workout and more than paid for itseld many times over. If the power stays on we'll get by fine. If it goes off mom will go visit sissy Sarah in Ladysmith and dad will camp with us in his survival suit.
    - TBH&K

  6. beautiful! i love how the house looks covered in snow.....yeh? and where are the dogs?! :)
    we might be getting a few inches next week....i hope so..
    have a good wknd!

  7. As you might guess, we never get sick of snow! Great pix!

    Keep the shovels close to the house so you can dig "snow paths" for the dogs. They will love it!

    Stay safe and warm!


  8. Being a Southern girl, I love your snow pictures!!!
    Stay warm and safe,

  9. Stay safe! See you when it all melts!!
    - C

  10. I never get tired of looking at your winter wonderland snow pictures. I know there is good stuff being cooked on the stove, maybe even some popcorn.
    I love to count the snowflakes as they fall. Have you ever tried that? Mother nature is very confused, because right now we had some sunshine and the frogs in the ponds are singing. And,,,, i smell mud.
    Stay cozy and thank you for sharing those splendorious pictures.
    Love to all my friends

  11. That is an INCREDIBLE amount of snow in one shot, holy smokes! Good luck and keep warm :)

  12. I am sooo with ya on this one! We're not used to all this snow and we've gotten more in the last month than we usually get in one year! More ice and snow is predicted for Monday, although you've gotten more than us. I know you will be so glad to see grass again! Stay warm and stay safe,

  13. Your dogs are too cosy by the fire to go out in that snow...yeh?!
    We had A LOT of snow...for England anyway...and like you, we got fed up of all the upheaval it caused too.Lke looking at your lovely pics though.
    Go and make yourself and nice hot choc and get those doggies to warm your toes!

    Bellaboo :)

  14. We've had a lot more snow that usual this winter, but nothing like you have had! It seems to be over the worst and heading for spring here now.

    Dogs are clever beasties: they know when to stay in in the warm lol!

    Shirl x

  15. The pictures are lovely, Have lots of hot chocolate and stay by the fire.
    Stay warm!

  16. I love snow days especially when work gets canceled and yes they pay us to stay home.
    If the power stays on this is when I start baking all kinds of stuff.
    My creative baking side just explodes for some reason and it is so nice to get a extra day off.
    So far I haven't a snow day yet.
    Stay warm and have some fun.

  17. The photos are gorgeous! You and the goldies stay warm. I know you will enjoy playing when it stops falling....we are jealous. Our snow (from last weekend) has nearly all melted due to torrential rains yesterday, creating lots of mud! :-(

  18. You have a beautiful home! Hope you can stop by and visit our new blog!

  19. Love the snow pics! Stay warm and safe... and I hope you get to keep your power on. That's always the worse here when it goes out...

    I bet the goldens will love going outside to play in it!

  20. HI!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice to meet you!!!!!!!
    we found your blog through our friends' blogs.... many goldens....what a dream!!!!!!!!
    We live in Italy and we love make new friends all around the world!!!
    If you want come and stop by!!!!!
    You got tons of snow!!!!
    Here it's snowing a lot too...we love snow!!!!!!!!!!
    And we love playing in it!!!!
    Hope to hear from you sometimes!!!!
    HAve a great day!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  21. The "southern" snow this year is certainly amazing to look at on the blogs!!! So beautiful from our POV as we don't get it (and mom is a Nor'eastern girl who often misses the seasons! Anyway, we want to thank you soooo much for visiting - what a gorgeous place you have filled with just oodles of lovely goldens!!! Can't wait to get to know you bettah!
    Big Hugs xo


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