Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Grasshopper Ways...

You may remember the story of the “Grasshopper and the Ant.” I remember this story not because I read it in a book, but because I saw the Disney cartoon. In the cartoon, the grasshopper fiddles, sings, and eats the leaves off trees while the queen of the ants warn him that he'd better prepare for winter too. But the grasshopper continues fiddling and singing. When winter finally comes, the grasshopper becomes almost frozen from the cold. He can no longer play his fiddle. In desperation, he knocks at the tree where the ants live and begs them to let him in. The queen ant gives her “I told you so” speech and ends with “Take your fiddle...” and after the long pause she says “and play!” So in the end, the grasshopper earns the warmth and food of the ants by playing his fiddle.

I am reminded of this story because Carl and I are like the grasshopper in the story. We are SO unprepared for this winter!! These last 2 snowstorms have really held challenges for us. I had hoped that the lessons learned from the last snowstorm would get us through this one; they really haven't. Our power went out on Saturday afternoon. With almost 3 feet of snow, no firewood and temps below freezing outside, it was getting chilly inside. The dogs however, were great warmers last night--There's nothing like a Golden Retriever or two (or three) to help you to feel cozy!! But with very little food that didn't need to be cooked, no running water, (everything in our house is electric) I have to confess that I was getting a little concerned and we both were a little hungry too. Carl and I worked today and got my van and part of the driveway all shoveled out. About 2 hours later we were wet and pretty cold. I was trying to warm up and feeling pretty discouraged about it all and was just about at rock-bottom when suddenly the power was restored!!!! An answer to a prayer!! We've now had a hot meal, have warmed up and feel like we can again conquer the elements--Who needs the Ants?


  1. Ahh, modern amenities...I'm no rough and ready girl and I get pretty cranky without food and a hot bubble bath. We've been lucky so far with no power outages, but many in Oklahoma did without for two weeks! Good thing you guys had the dogs! With another snow storm on it's way, my pantry is full and I'm ready...for spring, that is! Stay warm!


  2. Wasn't that the most pleasant sound in the whole world when the power came back on! Happy Days!
    It kinda renews your spirit- doesn't it. Now you can conquer anything, and start stashing away stuff for the next storm.
    We learned the hard way a year ago when we got snowed in for 10 days- wires down everywhere. Trees down- no water- no bathroom, and not dog bones!
    I liked your ant, and grasshopper story- thank you for sharing!

  3. Whimpurr must admit that she herself is Queen of Procrastination! Thankfully the good Lord helps her in spite of herself! Glad you are safe, warm, and well-fed! ;o)

  4. Just pretend you are going to get to go on a wonderful camping trip in the mountains for two glorious weeks.

    This fantasy always helped me figure out what I wanted and needed to get: everything you will need to eat, drink, food for your dogs and whatever to keep warm, etc. And make sure you get stuff that is yummy and you will actually want to eat.

    Then store it away for the winter. And put some fun stuff in there too, books, candy, flashlights, batteries, battery radio, etc.

    Then if you don't need to use the "camping stuff" you will be all set for some fun times in the summer and use the stuff up so you can get new stuff for the next winter. I can tell you from experience, whether it is earthquakes or storms, you will be very happy to have the "camping stuff."

    You probably won't need two weeks worth of stuff, but it is amazing how much a person can eat when they are stuck somewhere and not that warm. At least that's what I did. Eat and make instant hot chocolate and instant hot apple cider. And eat and read. I think I ate up three days of food and drink every day.
    I guess it was partly nerves (after the earthquake.)

    Anyway, be safe! Take care. I don't like to think of you not being prepared. Crummy things happen.

  5. We tend to take all the amenities a bit forgranted,until something like that happens don't we?
    We've had a lot of snow recently...for England that is...but nothing like you!
    Yes,there's nothing like our 'goldens' for keeping our toes warm!

    Bellaboo :)

  6. You really need to be prepared.
    We were without electricity for three days and we also have electric heat with a propane fireplace for back-up.
    First of November I make sure that the propane tank is full, lots of tea lights ( they really do keep a room from freezing up)and you need a fondue pot(and fondue fuel) and bottled water jugs (5 gallons)
    Also we fill the bath tub with water which you can also use.
    The fondue pot is great because you can boil water, heat up soup etc.
    We have two on hand but we also make fondue quite often.
    The water is used for flushing the toilets and other stuff.
    I could write on and on about how important it is not to be caught in a storm unprepared.
    I even have Winter tubs made up for each of our vehicles just in case.
    We have had people die in their cars during a snow storm from not being prepared.
    Sorry to be so long winded.

  7. Kim,
    Sorry I got so concerned about you guys being stormed in I forgot to mention what a great post you wrote.
    I never new the full story of the ant and grasshopper.
    So cute.
    I guess that's why some people save and others spend.


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