Monday, February 8, 2010

Say it Ain't Snow!!

The weather report for Tuesday says 5-10 more inches of snow is on the way. I think the look on Maguire's face on Saturday pretty much says how I'm feeling about it all too.


  1. Poor Maguire. That stuff looks like it's bringing pure misery.

  2. Aah,bless! Good job we goldens have lovely thick coats!

    Bellaboo :)

  3. That picture says it all - great fun until you haveto sit down in it.

  4. OH Kim I know just how you are feeling right now. After shoveling FOREVER we finally are somewhat able to get around outside. The weatherman is calling for another 8 inches starting tomorrow morning. I really have no idea where we are going to put more snow. We have two high walls in our driveway and we have to throw the snow up over them. Let me just say I have sore muscles that I didn't even know I had. Keep safe!!!!!! and dream of Spring :)
    PS I love the picture of Maguire. When Mabel comes in from the snow she brings with her tiny snow balls that stick to her fur. When she starts to defrost she leaves me with little puddles of water all over the floor. Gotta love Winter :)

  5. Oh Kim, what a lovely photo of Maguire...lucky for him he has a nice thick coat. I just couldn't cope with all that snow hun. Keep warm and be safe. Sue x

  6. poor you!
    at least our snow has all gone!!!
    keep warm
    can you video yourdogs for the blog....I have done that today with mine and would love to see them

  7. what a great picture!!! we are expecting a few inches tonight...wish we would get as much as you!!

  8. I'm with you and Maguire...tired of the white stuff! And we had more this morning, but it was the most gorgeous snowfall I've ever seen. It looked like millions of cottonballs free falling from the sky. When I looked straight up into them, I felt like I was inside an old fashioned snow globe! Still, a nice warm sunny day would do so much for my soul right now...


  9. you guys have been dumped on. Just make sure you keep it south of Lake Ontario....LOL

    Gill in Canada

  10. Oh dear! I'm sorry for you having to deal with all that snow. But I'm glad you have your dogs to keep you company and help keep you warm.

  11. Maguire - did you get to follow up with a defrosting tummy rub in front of the fire?

  12. I am so in love with Maguire....

  13. Maguire,
    My pups would be happy to trade places with you for the next snowstorm...You can come on down to North GA. and I'll send them up to North VA. My pups have been snow deprived all winter!
    Just a suggestion,

  14. oh Maguire is adorable !

    I heard yesterday that Billy had died. He belonged to a fellow dog walker with a Golden Retriever. We always had a chat.

    Billy was only nine but looked older than my Sam. He had a tumour in the roof of his mouth. He was still very strong & pulled the elderly gentleman over once & a friend of mine went to his aid.

    I recently got a stone which had got stuck in Billy's teeth out for him.

  15. Please visit Harry and his Dad. They sure could use all of our support now.

    Thanks everyone,
    a rescue Golden

  16. Oh Kim, now I see what you mean about snowflakes...that's proper snow!!

  17. That is a totally adorable picture. Thanks for sharing that.

  18. Maguire is so beatiful sitting in the snow. Sorry we missed seing this story. Mommy was a little sicky, but better now-so here we are


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