Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming Soon--A Rocky Creek Scottie!!!

We have been keeping a secret here at Golden Pines for several weeks now.  The secret? We are getting a puppy! No, it's not a Golden Retriever (a shock I know) but a Scottish Terrier!

Just over a year ago, I became acquainted with 'Lynn' from the blog Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures. Our cyber friendship began when Angus, at Wilf the PON Discovers France posted about our both losing 4-legged-family members, Java and Cowboy, on the same day. Lynn sent me an e-mail and a friendship began. We marveled that a blog in France would introduce the two of us who both live in Virginia.  (Thank-you for that Angus!!!)

I've known for a long time that I wanted to get a puppy. And I knew that if and when we added one, the timing of it was really going to be important.  I also knew that for several reasons, I didn't want the puppy to be a Golden Retriever. Because of Lynn and her blog, I became smitten with Scottish Terriers and started to do more reading about them. It didn't take long to realize that I wanted to add a Scottie to our household. When Lynn told me that her girl, Carrleigh was expecting a litter in April, the timing seemed to be right.

This week, I picked the puppy, a little boy, whose name was Jock, and we have re-named Todd. Being a 'sentimental old lady' I will tell you in another post how and where this name came from. But 'Todd' will be coming to Golden Pines in about a month. Carl and I are of course really excited!

I know some of you may be wondering why in the world we would want to add a puppy when we already have so many dogs. The answer is a very personal one that has to do with knowing that the loss of some of our dogs will be coming way to soon. Last year, we said good-bye to three of our pups, not including Doris's boy Sam. With our dogs getting older, I feel this need to 'bridge that gap' and begin a new generation. I feel strongly that there's nothing like a puppy to liven up a laid-back quiet crowd, especially a spirited Scottish Terrier!!

(The picture below are the little boys, 'Todd' is the one on the far left)
I hope you'll take a moment to stop by and meet Lynn and her crew at


  1. A heart welcome to Todd when he eventually arrives !

  2. Well thats just fun. I bet Todd is going to have a great time with all them goldens.

    Good luck to all of you,

    I think I'll go over to Wilf the PON discovers France and see whats going on there now.

    have fun

  3. Todd will definitely be a change for your whole dog family. They won't know what hit them. LOL. Rowdy has finally warmed up to our new pup Rocky. They play a lot together and keep us entertained with their antics. Have fun.

  4. Kim, how exciting for you. Todd is adorable. A few years ago we had four dogs, now there are only two left of those and they are getting old. Samson, who will be two in July, has been a great help in that respect and I know Todd will be for you. You are going to have so much fun! I will check out those links now.--Inger

  5. Oh Kim, how sweet...the name Todd reminds me of one of my favorite movies; the Fox and the Todd!
    so so sweet; enjoy your new baby and until then, the wait will be long...

  6. Congratulations! I met Todd yesterday and he is as wonderful as he is handsome. Guthrie, the one on the far right, will be called Arlo and he is coming home with me. He will be my second Scottie, but my first wheaten. Maybe we can get the brothers together at Lynn's sometime in the future.


  7. Hugs to you today Kim, Congrat's on a new baby boy-how very exciting!!! I have another close friend that always adds a new pup to her family when their dog hits ten yrs old. I would too except that Reggie dog is a grumpy old man who doesn't really like other dogs. What surprised me is a Scottie?? I thought maybe another Wheaton. What traits about the Scottie did you find that you like. I don't know much about them except their similarities in looks to Schnausers. I don't care for Schnausers because they are barkers.
    How wonderful! Can't wait til we get to meet Todd. I've chosen Cockapoos as our next dog because they don't shed and their sweet personalities. Have a delightful day dear friend and I'm off to visit your friend right now.

  8. Oh, isn't he darling!!!! And what a way to liven up a household!!! I hope Moon & Copper make the transition to a new home for us & them go well....:)JP

  9. oh my goodness! well, if anyone can do it, you can! you are the dog wrangler. :) what a cute boy Todd is! :)

  10. Oh wow, wow wow and more wows. This is sooooo exciting, we've been reading about the pupsters and loving the photo's, how wonderful that one of them is coming to live with you and your gang!! How many sleeps until he comes, are you on countdown yet? ;-) xxx

  11. I hope old pups are not like most old people, wanting quiet and peace, and undisturbed daily routine. A new kid on the block will certainly stirr up some old bodies and achy joints.

    But one has to say: Welcome Todd!!
    You are a cutie pie!

  12. OOOH that is so exciting!!! Todd is a real cutie & he looks like a big one! He's the biggest one in the litter? I can't wait to see pictures of him at your home!

  13. Todd is a lucky boy to become one of your pups, congratulations!

  14. I don't think you ever have to explain why you want to get another dog - or puppy. We dog people get it!

    I hope Todd is everything you hope for! Congratulations!

  15. Oh,how exciting for you! That must have been a hard secret to keep!
    Looking forward to getting to know Todd and sharing in all his adventures with your goldies. :0)

  16. Awwww, that's is so sweet you're going to be a Mummy! Jock looks a real cutie pie. I'm sure his big Bros and Sis's will take good care of him. Sue x x x

  17. Congrats!! What a doll... and isn't it fun the way bloggy friends find each other?!

  18. He is just beautiful -the name suits him too !

  19. How appropriate that Todd is "golden" in color. He should blend in well with the rest of the gang.


  20. My lady loves Scotties! Congratulations! Nothin' like a puppy in the house to jazz up the oldsters (people included) tee hee hee.

  21. Yay- WOW- Oh Oh
    I have been Lynn's friend since I started blogging in 09. She was one of my first friends! She introduced me to the dog world blogs. You will be getting a very healthy pup!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  22. Hooray and congratulations!!! And silly NEVER need to justify why you are getting a puppy. We all know you by now and it's the perfect thing to do. And isn't the Internet grand indeed!

  23. oh so sweet !!!

  24. How sweet is Todd! I just visited a friend with a young black Scottie whose name is Tootsie Louise. A very fun and loving breed. Good for you!

  25. Welcome to Todd! The oldsters are probably going to say "what have you done to us!"

    He looks so cute ... can't wait to hear about him!

  26. Welcome Todd, you will be getting a great Mom & Dad.
    We can't wait for more photos and to watch you grow up.

    Hamish & Sophie and
    Mom & Dad
    Sheila & Bob

  27. Have I told you how pleased I am to be placing one of my darling pupsters in your home!! I'm telling you again - can' wait to meet you.


  28. as a scottie owner I will have to warn you that scotties have a vry destinctive

    "arrrrrooooooooo" call!

    they are friendly, wary of strangers and fiercly loyal

    in short they are a delight

  29. Congratulations on your puppy, he sure will liven up your home!

  30. Wowzers! That's some big news! But how exciting a new puppy!!!!! Can't wait to see and hear all about Todd!

    The CheeseHounds

  31. KhonGRats!

    Of khourse, Merdie and The Bleu might be willing to send woo two GReat teenagers!

  32. Kim, I am so excited for you. I knew you were thinking about it, but I didn't say a word, though I wanted to ask Lynn so many times. It's wonderful, and I can't wait to read about Todd's adventures. A pup can sure shake things up and put a bounce in the step of older dogs, too.

  33. Oh, he's really cute, Kim! I bet you can hardly wait!

  34. A puppy!!!! Oh how fun! Your household is in for a topsy turvy but so much fun and love to be had! A sweet new pup will for sure put the spring in everyone's step.

    Looking forward to more photos!
    xo Catherine

  35. I am so happy for you! Todd is joining just about the best family he could hope for. I wish you many, many happy hears together!

  36. Congratulations on the puppy. Get ready to wake up in the middle of the night :)

  37. Exciting news, Kim! Todd looks absolutely adorable, and I'm sure he'll soon settle in once you've brought him home. Great fun for the rest of the crew.


  38. Congratulations to you and Carl on becoming new parents. What a sweetheart he is!! This should make life interesting at Golden Pines. I'm so excited for you!! Thanks for sending us to these two blogs. Wilf is so adorable (so Charlie and Gracie-like) and the babies at Rocky Creek... well, words can't describe how cute they are! I can't wait to hear all about Todd's adventures with the rest at Golden Pines.

  39. Congratulations! How exciting! It will be so fun to watch him grow up!


  40. they have got to be some of the most adorable pups I have ever seen... enjoy as I am sure you will

  41. Hi Kim, nice news! have a new puppy is always a balm to our hearts, I wish you a nice weekend and best wishes for Hamlet.
    Take care

  42. Hi Kim
    We are so excited for your family.
    A new baby boy is just what you need.
    Little Todd is going to be giving you so many kisses,, and both you and Carl's heart will feel such healing.
    So many happy times and new memories will be made, and I think a new little bouncing ball of life is going to add some entertainment to all your furries.
    This was ment to be, and we are so happy. We cannot wait to hear about
    "The Adventures of Todd."

  43. Congrats Kim! What a bit of energy to throw into the mix. :-) The good part is that he is small enough that his rowdy puppy antics shouldn't rough up the old gang. Sometimes a larger breed pup can be quite hard on the old folks, as I'm sure you know! The collie pups here are a delight (and a pair of hooligans). They have kept me busy and entertained after the loss of my big Boone. No replacements, as we know that doesn't happen, just new life. I am keeping two...just wish I could think of names for THEM. ha.

  44. Congratulations!!
    I can hardly wait for Todd"s arrival and all the exciting news you will be blogging about.
    I'm sure He will get along with the other crew members as they all welcome a new family member.
    This is such great news.

  45. Todd is adorable! I'm so happy for you, Kim!

  46. They are adorable!!! Your crew won't know what hits them when this little guy shows up!! :=)

  47. Just catching up on your posts, and found this post. It's such exciting news and I'm so pleased that Angus introduced you to the breeders of your new family member. It is sometimes strange how connections occur, but it is obviously meant to be. A new puppy - all that potential and possibility (and in our case chewed power cables and sock theft by Enzo!) in a small bundle of fur.

    Love from
    Riley's mum


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