Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lost and Found

On Monday on my way to work, I saw something in the road that at first I thought was something that had been hit by a car--As I passed it, I glanced down and saw what I thought looked like a wallet. I turned the van around, and went back for a better look. It was indeed a wallet. I picked it up and even though it was soaking wet, there was a little more than $80 in cash, a credit card, drivers license, all the usual things. The wallet belonged to a young man who was 19 years old, and had just celebrated his birthday on Sunday. Off the drivers license I was able to get the address which led me to a phone number and I called and left a message. At the end of the day was a call from the grateful father of 'Andrew' who had lost the wallet. He said before they got my message they had been out looking all down the road trying to find it. Andrew was a little frantic at losing it. They didn't live far from me, so I offered to drop it off on my way home from work.  I met a relieved and very grateful Andrew along with his dad, who thanked me several times and even offered me a reward. Of course there was no way I was taking a reward and I told them I was just glad I was able to return the wallet and its contents to the owner.

Tuesday morning when we had the dogs out, we lost track of our boy Josh. Josh at 9 years old is just now being trusted to be off lead. However, we always keep a really close eye on him because he will wander off and that's what he did. It was a moment of panic when Josh didn't come when we called him and he seemed to have disappeared. We decided to get all the dogs inside and go out and look for him. We had just gone back outside when a truck pulled into our driveway. The driver got out and so did Josh! He'd seen him on the neighboring field, called to him and he came. He looked at his tags and realized where he belonged and brought him back. I was so very grateful that he'd found Josh that I offered him a 'reward' for his trouble, but he told us no, that he was glad to be able to bring Josh back to where he belonged. I thought later Josh's being returned was kind of like the wallet, both owners relieved and very thankful for the kindness of strangers.
Finally, again I am grateful and so appreciate for all your good thoughts and prayers for Hamlet.  He's doing well, and there are no changes--The below picture was taken on Saturday where he's doing what he always does, taking everything in stride.  


  1. It seems like Hamlet almost always wears a smile, no matter what. Glad he's doing okay.
    What a nice story. 2 nice stories! There are so many good people in this world, sometimes it's hard to know when we keep bumping into the not-so-good ones. Stories like this should be told more often.
    Gary is always 'going back to pick something up'. He once retrieved an entire box of wedding invitations that had fallen from some one's car. The couple was thankful to get them back, but didn't invite him to the

  2. Josh went for a jaunt, did he? I'm glad you got him back and was happy to hear about "Andrew" being grateful! Hang in there, Kim...:)JP

  3. What comes around goes around! Good deeds are rewarded.....:)
    Hope Ham is having a good day!

  4. I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. So glad that Josh was found and returned to you. Naughty boy. :)

    Also glad to hear that Hamlet is still able to enjoy his life with you. He's such a sweet boy.

  5. Glad the kindness you had shown was given back to you in another form and that Hamlet is doing ok-I often think of him x

  6. That's what you call 'good' karma. You do something good for someone, in return, someone will do good for you too especially when you don't expect it. You were very nice to return that person's wallet. I can imagine how much panic he went through after losing that wallet! So many valuables in there. It was a good hing you saw it 1st or else someone else would have taken it & kept quiet.

    I'm glad to know a kind hearted person returned Josh to you. There have been many cases of people stealing people's lost dogs & then leaving posters everywhere for the owner to see & expect a big reward to be given when the dog is returned.

    I'm also very grateful to know Hamlet is doing well. I hope he continues to do well for a long time.

  7. That's a nice tale of two good deeds, reciprocating each other (even though the same people weren't involved in both). Have you ever seen the movie "Pay it forward"? I loved it - and good deeds are its theme.

    I'm glad to hear that Hamlet is taking each day in stride. Dogs are so very good at that!

  8. oh if this wasn't a kharma post, i don't know what is. what goes around, comes around. :)

    (hi hamlet!)

  9. Josh looks a little like Big Red! That's the best Karma story I've heard in a long time.

    Yay Hamlet, hang in there buddy, we is thinking about youzzz.

  10. Goodness in people. I love hearing those stories.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for updating us on dear Hamlet

    Bert & Vickie

  11. I'm happy for you and Josh and Andrew. ID on animals is SO important.

  12. It's all about Karma!
    Good to hear that Hamlet is 'holding' his own.

  13. Yep, what goes around comes around, honey.


  14. Sometimes "what goes around comes around" is a good thing! Love that sweet Hamlet face!!
    - Anne

  15. Sounds like, "what goes around, comea around"...good for all. :D

  16. Tit for Tat in a good way! HUgs for Hamlet!


  17. This was meant to be Kim...there are good people out there...and guess are on of them!

  18. Paying it forward is the way to go!
    Love the photo of that sweet Hamlet. I'll bet some pressure was relieved when that tumor burst. He looks like a very happy boy.

  19. Good deeds come back to you! We're so happy everything and everybody made it back to where they belonged.

    Glad to hear Hamlet's doing well.

    The CheeseHounds

  20. Woof! Woof! The magic of KINDNESS. O wonder where did Josh go. Sending LOVE to you Hamlet. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. Those are both very happy stories. My humans keep talking about getting those ID injections for us because with all this bad weather they're afraid we might get out and maybe our collars would get twisted off. What they don't realize is that I wouldn't leave their sides even if they were under a pile of rubble! It's that Harley my little brother that might run away.


  22. I always feel that doing the right thing will come back threefold.
    You did the right thing, and so did the stranger.
    It renews my spirit to read of such kindness.
    Hope Hamlett continues to improve, he's such a handsome boy.

  23. Kim
    We loved this "feel good story".
    I am so glad Josh was found ok,,I know the man felt good in his heart that he was able to help return him.
    And the wallet,,,wow,,, I can imagine how grateful the young man was,,,
    it feels so good to help.
    Hamlet's sweet face, he is a brave one.

  24. You are a such a good person and a great inspiration for all of us new dog owners. Its almost like Josh's return was good kharma for you returning the wallet. I could give a good list of people that would keep the cash and leave it... its just so sad. It's so great that you are such an honest person, and so kind.

    Hamlets in my prayers always

  25. Looking back at other photos of Hamlet you can see that the fine old fellows ' maturing '. Glad he's still enjoying life amid so much love and attention .

  26. Great story about the wallet and Josh! I'm also so glad to read that Hamlet is doing well!

  27. It reminds me a little bit like those commercials where someone sees someone do something nice and passes it along until it comes full circle.

    It's just further proof that there are very good people in the world!



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