Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Phoebe for Good Luck

I love birds.  I love to watch them, hear them, take pictures of them, and feed them.  The first summer we were living where we are now, one bird in particular drove me a little crazy.  I'd never heard it before and was able to identify it as the 'Eastern Phoebe.'  The bird gets its name from its distinctive but rough two note call, 'whee-bee,' reminds me of a dogs squeaky toy. Above all the other birds that summer, the Phoebe is all I heard, over, over and over again....When the end of summer came and it left, outside seemed a bit lonely without it.  However, it returned the next year and I'd listen for it each time we were outside.  Last year, I hardly heard it at all and found myself missing the constant 'whee-bee, whee-bee, whee-bee.'  This year, it's back and has built a nest above our garage door.  I hear it first thing in the morning and during the day. Below is a video I took of the Phoebe and you can decide for yourself if hearing all the time would drive you to the edge...
Finally, many thanks again for the good thoughts for Hamlet.  For now, he seems to be feeling pretty well.  Unfortunately, last evening the tumor on his shoulder 'broke' open. The tumor feels warm to the touch and the tissue is very 'angry.'  I am heartsick that despite all the efforts and with so much optimism, and feeling like we'd done everything right, we couldn't prevent this from happening again.  We've cleaned it the best we can, and he's once again sporting a tee-shirt to help keep the debris out of it, and the other dogs away from it.  I've taken this path before and so I know where this is leading. However because it's considered good luck to have a bird nesting around your house, I continue to have hope and wish for good-luck to be on Hamlet's side.  


  1. That is the cutest little bird but I do know how you feel about hearing the song constantly for hours on end. We have a little bird that comes all the way from Georgia to nest in the meadows here, it's called the Savannah Sparrow and it has a song that is similar to the sound of a cricket whirring. As cute as they are after a few hours of non-stop singing I am ready to stuff cotton wool in my ears.
    I am happy to hear that Hamlet is still holding his own, I love that old boy and I will continue to keep him in my prayers!
    Have a great week Kim, and hugs to the crew!
    Tina xo

  2. What a beautiful way to start and fill your day. Thank you so much for sharing the video and I am pretty sure that it brings much comfort and peace to Hamlet's ears as well.

    He probably listens with his heart and mind and can therefor fly with the little Phoebe. I beleive getting old gives you time to be still enough to be a part of your surroundings. (OK that is my Vickies view, but I don't think she is far from wrong.)

    Sending lost of love your way


  3. oh sweet little shirted hamlet! i'm sorry, honey boy!

    and i personally love the phoebes. they're so insistent with their call, they make me laugh!

  4. Wishing Hamlet luck in the coming days! He's a lucky dog to have you as a mom. :)

  5. I've been following Hamlet's ordeal and it brings me tears every time. I guess that's why I've been silent and not making any comments. It hurts!

    I would like to tell you I've been praying for the old baby, and for you, so you have the strength to go through all this without too much pain.

    You are an amazing lady and I send you a tender friendly hug!


  6. I watched the video.. and heard its little voice as it tweeted it's song.
    I know what you mean by something driving you to "the edge". We have a bird that sounds like a cell phone ringing.
    I have never seen the bird, so can't indentify it. But it pushes me close to the edge.
    Every winter it goes away,, and then I miss it's song. When it returns in late spring,, I know that flowers will soon be blooming, and another season to explore,,, but yes...
    sometimes I feel the feeling that you do.
    I hope that he brings some luck to Golden Pines,, some luck for Hamlet.. some luck for all of you.

  7. I will keep praying for Hamlet and hopefully that lovely bird will bring you luck. The only birds that drive me nuts are crows, all others I love.

  8. I love to hear the birds sing ~ sleeping with the window open is such a nice treat. Sometimes they sing a little too loudly so early in the morning though and hubby gets up and closes the window! :)

    Poor sweet Hamlet. No fun at all having such problems.

    Sending lots of hugs and kisses his way!
    xo Catherine

  9. Kim,
    Prayers for Hamlet, thank you for all you are doing for Hamlet.

    Sheila & Bob

  10. The Phoebe would be tough to take after awhile!

    Oh, poor Hamlet. Sending wishes.

  11. As you say ' you know the path '. Enjoy the rest of the journey with Hamlet . There's something about these shared times with an old dog that's very special . It somehow accentuates the best in life . Thinking of you all.

  12. Lots of love to darling Hamlet, who actually looks very stylish in his t-shirt.

    The Phoebe call isn't the prettiest bird song, but you've got to love its 'I may be small but I'm very important' spirit!

    With love,


  13. OWH poor Hamlet. I hope it isn't hurting too much. I also hope those birds bring you & Hamlet plenty of good luck!

  14. Many good wishes to you and Hamlet. We know you are doing what's best for him. We have Phoebes around here. They start singing EARLY and wake goaties up from beauty sleep.

  15. Hope Hamlet is feeling much better! He does look stylish in that shirt.

  16. Good morning Kim. That is a really sweet bird... I'm crossing my fingers that it does bring Hamlet good luck. Hamlet looks like he's thinking, 'oh great. the shirt again.' Awe, he's so adorable. Praying for you Hamlet (((HUG))).

  17. I have only been following your blog for a short time and have discovered your total commitment to your dogs. No matter what happens Hamlet will fare well, he has you.

    Phoebes, we have them, we love them.

  18. Many good wishes & prayers coming Hamlet's way. He's certainly blessed to have you as his Mom.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  19. There is just something comforting about a bird singing,no matter what sort of song they have.
    I`ve been falling to sleep with the window open listenning to the tree frogs.It sounds like the whole forest is breathing out loud.
    Poor Hamlet,what a sweet face he has.He is blessed to be in your care,I pray he recovers,phyllis

  20. The first year we moved back to Rocky Creek Farm, we had a Phoebe nest in our carport. I had to fight a snake off to save her babies, but she finally got them big enough to leave the nest - she never came back and I miss her.

    Hamlet looks very comfortable and that is important. I love the picture of him.


  21. That's a pretty monotonous "song".....


    The oncology center at Michigan State University's vet college has a small aviary in the lobby. When we were going there, four years ago, it housed several finches of a few different kinds. One of them sounded exactly like a squeaky toy. "SQUEAK-a, SQUEAK-a, SQUEAK-a"..............

    Any time I walk past a cage of finches and hear that noise, I am transported back to that lobby, that summer.............

    Sending good vibes for Hamlet, that he have as many good days as possible, and for you.

  22. Hamlet looks like he is enjoying the birdsong from his Phoebe friend. Always thought the tee shirt was a good look for the Ham-guy.

    Thinking of you Hamlet.
    Like the fuzzy paw look too.

  23. Oh so sorry to hear about sweet Hamlet. We know he is in such amazing care from you all.
    The Phoebe is quite a talker!

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  24. I would have thought all the dos would come running to that shrill whistle !
    Bless Hamlet xx

  25. Oh sweet Hamlet! I'm so sorry Kim. At least for now he looks comfortable. He is such a lucky dog to have someone like you and I know he has also enriched your life.

    I do understand about your Phoebe. For weeks now a VERY LOUD Tufted Titmouse has been trying to impress the titmouse girls with his never-ceasing call.

    Positive thoughts and crossed fingers and paws for Hamlet.

  26. Hi Kim and Pups,
    Have you ever put a picture of your cat or Scottie on your blog??
    Poor Hamlet, he is a fighter !! He has such a sweet face!!
    Love the video of the bird. I think I have seen one around here. I am sure I have heard them around. We have a few more hummers this year too. I work hard taking care of all the animals that we feed around here!! I get tired some times but I do love them all so much!! Kim I KNOW you love all the animals too!!
    Thanks for your visit!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  27. Come on Hamlet, we're rooting for you here!! Let's hope the sweet little Phoebe does bring good luck for you, we've never seen or heard one over here but would love to chase one around the garden! We have blackbirds nesting in our hedge and Louis spies on them on the grass, he's always pouncing but never gets within 6 feet bless him! xxx

  28. We have a lot of neat birds here, but I'm happiest about out large number of woodpeckers and especially out huge owl.

    So sorry to hear that Hamlet's having a rough time. We're thinking of him and you.

  29. Kim,
    The Eastern Phoebe does sound like a squeaky toy. Still all bird calls are wonderful. We have a Robin nesting in the Gazebo, only because we haven't finished it yet. We will have to wait till she has her babies. They are very smart birds and our Tree Swallows are also back.
    Sorry about Hamlet. Sending Good luck wishes and hugs your way.

  30. Hamlet is such a little trouper isn't he. Thinking of you all over the next few days. Sue x x x

  31. I love your Phoebe, and I truly hope that she brings good luck to Hamlet. What a wonderful sweet dog - and he's so lucky to have you. I hope that this is just a blip, although I can tell that the expert (you) doesn't think that it is. My thoughts are with sweet Hamlet.

  32. What a brave boy that Hamlet is - he has lessons to teach us all. We're thinking of him, and of you.

  33. We're keeping Hamlet in our prayers. May he be blessed with a peaceful, pain-free end. He's already blessed to live surrounded by the love of his family and all his blog friends.

    Jed & Abby

  34. May that bird and nest bring good luck to Hamlet. Sweet boy!

  35. Dear Hamlet, my prayers are with you sweet boy! We lost our 13 yr old golden almost 2 years ago to a tumor. It breaks me up everytime I think about it. Yesterday when I found your blog I couldn't even bring myself to comment it's just too heart breaking. He's so lucky to have you taking care of him as are your other beautiful dogs. Take care and give him a big hug for me!!

  36. Phoebe is singing "Good Luck" and taking care of Hamlet...I don't find the bird's sound annoying at all....I always listen for birds when I'm in the garden...I just feel calm and at peace. Warm thoughts for Hamlet.

  37. Oh, what a lovely bird. I love to wake up of the morning and hear birds singing. I sure hope Hamlet is doing well and will contine to get better. He's such a beautiful dog. I would just love to hug him.

  38. I hope Hamlet is feeling better. Perhaps the nesting bird will bring him some comfort. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog, I'll be back.

  39. Hamlet looks like such a sweetheart, Kim.

  40. I love the birds too and am always so delighted when I can get a picture of them. Poor Hamlet, it doesn't sound good does it. Just keep on loving him. When we get to Heaven I will know where to find you..same place I will want to be! ;D

  41. Hey Hamlet,

    I hope you are feeling a little better today!


  42. Love little song birds! That phoebe has a pretty sound. I love the little wrens, too. We have so many of them and their song is a summertime favorite of mine.


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