Thursday, September 17, 2015


~View from our front porch this morning~
Back after a week away, and I wish I could say we were away on a fun trip.  But actually, I've not been feeling well for almost a week.  I'll admit that I don't make the best sick person.  I've come home from work, worn out and just fallen into bed but not before I complain, moan and groan.  The dogs are sympathetic, but even they just got to the point where they ignored me, except when it was dinner time.
Not feeling well must be contagious.  Buddy (below) has also not been feeling well the past couple of weeks. He's getting sick after eating.  You name it, I've tried everything from changing his food, to the bowl height, and medication.  None of it seems to make a difference -- He still gets sick, and there's no rhyme or reason for it and no way to predict that he will or won't. When his regular vet wasn't working, we saw a new vet that is just starting her veterinary career. I have to admit, that I felt that she was no help.  So, I've made an appointment for our regular vet to see Buddy on Saturday.
What was I saying about being contagious?  Our new comer Dusty isn't feeling well today either.  I've no idea what it could be.  He was just fine yesterday, but today he's refusing food, and won't get up.  Thinking that it could be pain from overdoing it yesterday, I've given him pain pills today in hopes that he'll feel better by tomorrow. He also has a vet appointment on Saturday.
Todd is totally oblivious to everything that's going on inside.  This morning he didn't come when called for breakfast -- He was much too busy running around the yard barking at the gangs of delinquent deer and rabbits that are trespassing on his turf!


  1. Sorry you are not feeling great. Poor Buddy and Dusty! I hope you all get better soon.
    Todd and Cissy are looking good. I hope it isn't contagious.

  2. Oh gosh Kim, It must truly be contagious. I hope you get better,, and the gang gets better too,,,
    How stressful and worrysome for everyone to be feeling yucky!
    Your right Todd,, is his own free spirit,, and has not a care in the world.
    I hope you all get betters soon,

  3. C'mon Todd, your first duty is to the pack. Terrier up and help.

  4. Sorry to hear about all your sickness. Paws crossed EVERYONE is as fit as Todd soon.

  5. Good morning, Kim! I am sorry you are all so sick. I hope you are all feeling better by now. Todd is happy to be out in the yard doing his thing. They are all still so cute. Get well wishes to everyone! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  6. Well I hope you ALL feel better very soon!

  7. i hope everyone feels better soon!

  8. oh my goodness.
    i always think you must get sick from sheer exhaustion.
    your recent months have been one huge stress after another. . .
    and . . .
    a thought crossed my mind about buddy sick from his food . . .
    can dogs have celiac disease too? maybe there's wheat or gluten in the food and he's reacting? now they do make that expensive kind of only meat. can't remember the name. no additives or grains.
    i feel so bad when you get sick.
    it's like when marshal dillon would leave dodge.
    we all knew chester wasn't marshal dillon.
    i was uneasy til he came back!
    you ride tall in the saddle darling bean! XOXOXO♥ get well soon. and come back to dodge.

  9. What is going on at your house?? I sure hope you all get to feeling better by the weekend and everyone is up and running around. Sending our prayers...stellie rose and momma

  10. Oh No!!! I hope you ALL feel better very soon. Thinking of you.

  11. All of us here hope that all of you there, who are not feeling too good, will soon be well again. Kim - it's no fun if you're feeling low and the gang aren't too good either. Trust the visit to the vet will find out what's wrong. You've had such a stressful time these past months, too.
    Good that Todd is OK, we can see him being nursemaid for a while!

  12. Hope you all get well soon! God bless, Kim. ♥

  13. Oh dear. Take care of yourself. If you go down. The whole lot go down

  14. Here's hoping things begin to improve for all of you. Take it easy.

  15. I know if Papa or I aren't feeling well Miggs gets down and out to .Hope you all get to feeling better soon .

  16. Awww, hope your feeling better Kim, all of you. Funny how they know something is wrong, love dogs!!! Hugs Francine.

  17. Glad to see some of Cissy but sad to hear you and some of the dogs are feeling so poorly. Wish I could do more from here.

  18. I do hope that you, Buddy and Dusty will feel better soon.

  19. Sure hope that you all feel better soon!! It must be something going around if you all have it. Except for Todd. He seems just fine!! Get Well SOON!!

  20. Hi Y'all!

    Sorry y'all aren't feelin' well. Maybe it's the weather change? It's been in the 40's here in the mountains at night. My Humans have had to turn the heat on a couple of times. A couple of times temps never cleared the 60's. This past week daytime temps have been in the 70's with the cool nights. It's been perfect weather.

    Paws crossed for everyone!

    Y'all come on back,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  21. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well and that Dusty and Buddy aren't feeling up to snuff either. I hope your vet was able to help them and that you're all feeling better very soon!


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