Thursday, January 7, 2016

Available for Adoption?

Bright sun, blue skies, and single-digit cold at the start of our week has given way to clouds and warmer temperatures today.
Rain is on the way for a busy weekend ahead.
Since Sherlock/Reggie (below) came to us in November, we've not been asked about keeping him, and I've not mentioned it either, because I've not yet decided.  Lab Rescue does have him available for adoption on their website and several other places, and so I knew it was only a matter of time before I got a call about him.  A call came on Monday.  The couple are "retired pastors" and liked Sherlock/Reggie because he reminded them so much of their previous Lab.  I'm not sure how you feel, but I never like it when a would-be-adopter is interested in a dog solely because they remind them of a former pet . So putting that aside, I decided to keep an open mind about them.  I did like them well enough, but their house has two stories, and because of Sherlock/Reggie's weakness in his rear-end,  he's unable to do a flight of steps.  So with that, I told them I felt they weren't a good match for Sherlock/Reggie, and I'm glad that Lab Rescue agreed.
~Sherlock, or Reggie as we call him~
On the feline side of our household, I decided to  make "Flurry" available for adoption. I think that if he stayed here, he and the lovely Ms. Yellow would eventually work out their differences.    
But with that aside, if I've learned anything in the past 6 months in fostering cats, is that there's no shortage of them.  I'd like to be able to help the rescue again if needed, and keeping Flurry may not make that possible.  He was put onto their website, and now the SPCA says they have three "good" applicants for him.  One is coming this weekend to meet him, so we may be saying good boy to this little boy.
Back to the canine side, Todd doesn't care whatsoever about who may be leaving.  Today he was pretty concerned about what was arriving -- An unexpected package from our friend Sugar and her Mom that was full of treats -- What a nice surprise!  While the others stood nearby, because Todd "insisted," he got to inspect the package first.
Dog treats are (of course) highly valued at our house, and are always enjoyed and devoured too!  (If you don't know Sugar, the Golden Retriever, stop by her blog, (click here) she and her Mom are truly the best!) 
We hope you're having "the best" week too!  


  1. Oh Charlie, you are looking younger every day! What a handsome guy!! Sherlock/Reggie is a real sweetheart. Glad he is staying longer... Todd of course, as adorable as ever. Hope your staying warm, Kim. What a change in temps, right?

  2. That was so sweet of Sugar and her mom! I am sure all your four legged friends were very excited with the goodies!

  3. I am glad he is staying. Stella rose

  4. I would have to agree with you that adopting a dog because they reminded the people of a previous dog is never a good thing.
    Actually, that's the complete opposite reason why I don't have another Golden. My Maddie was the best dog ever, truly my soulmate dog and I felt it unfair to another Golden because I think I'd subconsciously compare. That and the fact that sometimes I still tear up around Goldens.
    Truly you are the BEST! and I love seeing all the Goldens you have saved! and all the other critters too!
    and of course, Todd always makes me smile!

  5. Crikey ..... I'm glad Reggie's staying with you too.

  6. I am very glad that Reggie is staying with you. I'd have a rough time being in your shoes... not knowing whether a dog was going to stay or not. But, you do such a loving thing for all of these animals... that I wish that they could all stay :) I know that you'll let them go only to a great home so I truly understand.

  7. I love the name sherlock for a dog.....a belated happy new year kim x

  8. I can see why Flurry has three prospective forever homes. He is a beauty!

  9. Oh! TODD :-) BOL!!! Enjoy and hop you share it to the gang. I think Reggie is staying at the Golden PInes. Golden Woofs

  10. oh dearest bean.
    that's why YOU are you. and the best keeper of the flame. wise and caring. not for the humans but the DOG.
    and sherlock reggie is safe.
    and little flurry... well. who wouldn't fall in love?
    i hope that works out too this weekend.
    and todd...
    you're toddler todd. what a guy.

  11. One thing for sure . . .
    You never know what the next day will bring to Golden Pines . . .
    I admire your care . . . consistency . . . concern . . .
    Honesty too . . . Reggie will do better in a home without lots of steps!
    Good person/people you are!

  12. We adopt, but could never foster. We'd make
    look like a minor league operation because we'd never giv one up when we took responsibility.
    Congrats to those of you who can foster and relinquish.

  13. Sheba is getting pretty gray now, isn't she? I agree with your thoughts on Sherlock completely. Probably better to find Flurry a home, I didn't know there were problems w/Ms Yellow. That picture of Todd where he's looking at you - "Did you get that shot?"
    Nice to see Charlie, his eyes okay?

  14. We're happy you check out everything when finding a new home for one of the dogs (and cats).

  15. I think Todd was the perfect chap to check out the package, he looks so 'Hopeful', lol ;)

  16. I is very glad Reggie is staying wiv you, I nose he will be soooo well looked after. It must be so hard fur you to let your furbabies go to someone else, you are such a caring Mom
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  17. One should definitely not get another dog 'cos it reminds one of the last one and no two storey home for a lame animal either.
    When we lost our 13 yo cat in 2013 and our daughter talked us into getting an adult cat from animal rescue I chose a short hair calico and white which was the exact opposite to our previous cat who was a long hair grey and white. Also entirely different temperament.
    You do such wonderful work. I take my hat off to you.

  18. All of my dogs have been different. I am drawn to dogs that look similar, but I don't think I would want them. wishing all the animals luck in finding the perfect place.

  19. We have had five Labradors. and one spaniel X, over the past thirty odd years. Each Lab. has shared certain breed characteristics, but each has had it's own personality too.
    I hope you'll keep Sherlock/Reggie, he looks in need of a good home, and someone who can sympathise with his problems.
    Lucky Todd - all those wonderful treats - hope he remembered to share !

  20. It is always hard to say goodbye to a foster, I hope they both find wonderful forever homes.

  21. So happy that you really check out the adopters Kim, love Sherlok,aka,Reghie. Blessings Francine.

  22. I'm sure the right adopters will come along for the ones who need them.

    How do you like having the lab compared to the goldens? Never having had a golden myself I can't say, but I really do love the labs.

  23. i know the little flurry will be adopted easily and glad sweet old lab boy gets to hang with you some more. :)

  24. You are such a good advocate for the rescues.

    As to cats - It pains me, but I will adopt out the pretty cats. That leaves me room to take in the little "uglies" that no one wants for a long time, if ever. I have quite a collection of motley felines right now - wish people could see past their features and into their loving little hearts!

  25. You're right about 'rebound' adoptions . Unfair on the dog and , ultimately, the new owners.

  26. Good morning, I am glad Reggie is staying with you for now. It is nice to hear Flurry may be adopted soon. I love all your dogs and the photos. Have a happy weekend!

  27. I'm so glad that couple had two floors. That was such an easy way out. I admire you so much both for adopting and fostering.

  28. That is awesome you got a special treat box from Sugar! I love all your pics!! Glad to hear things are working out...Charlie sure looks great!!


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