Sunday, April 7, 2019

No Excuses Needed!

Oh has been 2 weeks since my last blog post! To be honest, from the moment I wake up in the morning, I spend my days chasing the clock. From the time spent in traffic to get to work, stay on time with patients, and getting home again. Spare time at home really ebbs and flows depending on how the dogs are doing. But in the end, I guess the bottom line is, I am just a lousy blogger.
Lousy or not, I know you all understand and I have nothing to explain. But here we go on some of what's been going on at our house. It has really been a couple of weeks where time is taken up with something or some-doggie. 

One evening I attended a candlelight ceremony for pet loss. For those who have never attended one, it is a non-denominational memorial service to remember our companions that have passed away. Holistic Vet has organized one at a local church for the last several years. She does so much for us, and I went because I want to support her and her community efforts. In both the words that were spoken, and being among about 100 people that I didn't know, I left the one hour service with a different and broader view of loss and that it encompasses both personally and as a whole.
Helping out a friend filled another evening, and we landed on Friday. Alf had a 2nd dental surgery to remove an infected canine. I had noticed he was having problems eating and it seemed sensitive to the touch. The tooth had appeared healthy but we think there was an underlying infection that wasn't visible in the initial x-rays and exams. Having extracted the canine on the other side the first time, Alf is now canine-less on the top. By Sunday Alf was back to himself.
Last weekend had me playing catch up as I got ready for what I'd thought and hoped would be a quiet week ahead. Boy was I wrong about that!

Bailey began coughing a little on Sunday. We really tried to keep her up and moving, but by Monday night she was coughing and vomiting and pretty listless. It was a (mostly) sleepless night, and I was up every hour with her, making sure she remained as comfortable as possible. By Tuesday she took a small amount of food. I was encouraged. Of course we were both exhausted. She slept almost soundly through Tuesday night. I didn't get a lot of sleep because I wanted to make sure she was okay and comfortable. By Wednesday, the cough was all but gone, and her appetite had returned.  For that I was and am grateful.
~Bailey catching up on her sleep~
On Thursday it was off to the groomers with Todd and Charlie for their spring haircuts.
~Not so happy Todd?~
I'll spare you the personal drama when I arrived to find out that the groomer I totally trusted, and have taken our dogs to for more than 10 years, and who owned the shop was gone. The business had been sold to a young-ish girl named KeriAnne, who by the way, I'm sure I have socks older than, and her husband.  Feeling blindsided and not trusting our dogs to just anyone, I fought off the urge to leave, and give them the chance. They did a good job and I added $10 to the tip because they had to put up with me in the beginning.
~A Happier (and handsome) Todd~
But for Charlie, I think his spending a day at the groomer may be over. At what has to be about 14 years old, a whole day away from home is just too much for him. He was really wiped out. (Vicki get your clippers ready!)
Back to Todd. Those who have owned Scotties know their nickname is “The Diehard.” It was given to them by the Earl of Dumbarton to his Scotties in the 19th Century. Todd was, of course, true to that. Once home, he was charged and ready to go.
I'm hopeful we are also ready to go for next week too.
Rhett in the photo below that was taken last week, would just like me to stop taking pictures. He was ready for his breakfast!


  1. Hello, it seems like there are always up and downs with taking care of and owning a dog. You are awesome to foster and take care of your beautiful dogs. I am glad they seem to be doing well and I always look forward to your post whenever they show up. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  2. We know what it's like to be too busy to blog. But it was nice to see all of your doggies.

  3. Todd looks nice both before and after his grooming. Your dogs are keeping you busy.

  4. Well, my goodness - how rude not to inform long-time customers that you are leaving your business! Glad it seems like the new owners may make the transition seamless. Todd looks very handsome. I couldn't take my setter Boo to be groomed in her last few years (she lived to 14 and was blind and deaf at the end), it was just way too stressful for us both. So happy Bailey's little crisis passed :)

  5. As you say, we all understand. :-)
    Take care of yourself and your family and fit us in when you can. We'll be here!
    God bless.

  6. My kids all look shaggy and messy because they can't take groomer visits anymore. They can't stand that long so Rob does them at home a little at a time. I completely understand the absence. I really mean to blog more regularly but at the end of each long day I'm tired. The next day always seems to be=ring a new crisis.

  7. Clippers ready! Actually am just firing up the Dremel, it’s Toenail Sunday! Glad to hear Bailey weathered the latest blip. I know you understand better than most the ups and downs of senior dogs, especially those with established health issues. Here’s to more good days.

  8. I wonder why firms and people do not say when they are leaving, hope the new lady and her man are loyal to all your crew. Sleepless nights, we all do that at times for our dogs or cats, and I hope you catch up on a full night soon.

  9. Todd with the ball reminded us of Kyla (RIP Dec 2014). We got her a regulation soccer ball. 45 minutes later it was trash.

  10. It was a whirlwind week...or two. What a difference a groom makes to a scottie, Todd looks very handsome. And we understand the diehard reference perfectly.

  11. We're not great about blogging regularly so we totally understand. Thanks for catching us up on all that has gone on. That didn't seem right for the groomer to not let you know that your regular groomer wasn't there any more. I'm glad to see the pups grooming turned out great in the end.

  12. Wow Todd looks great! Life just gets so busy, I wouldn’t be apologizing for time away. You are one very busy lady.

  13. Thank you for writing when you can. Taking care of the pups, and yourself, is the most important thing. I wish you didn't have to have a paid job, you have too much work to do without it.

  14. Monk said it all for me too!
    i love their pictures. and poor little Charlie (always a favorite of mine) asleep and finally able to be home!
    take care of yourself darling bean. xoxo

  15. I can certainly see how blogging would be hard to squeeze in between all that!! Life does make it difficult sometimes. I've barely been finding time for mine since I'm helping my sister through an illness.
    We're glad all is well with Bailey, Alf and his tooth, and that the new groomer turned out OK. Good groomers are very hard to find and I can understand your initial shock and reluctance. ♥

  16. I get tired just reading about all the things you do, Kim.

  17. You are a wonderful blogger, but also a very busy woman. With sleepless nights due to taking loving care of a sick dog. So, please don't feel any guilt about blogging. I can't believe that Charlie is 14 years old. How time flies.

  18. Hi Kim. Thank you for the sweet comment you left me on my blog. I appreciate your kind words. I always said to my self, how you do it when you have lost a furry child, and now more than ever do I ask myself that. I read your blog all the time and all your post. I don't leave comments but I do enjoy reading your post and seeing pics of the dogs.
    Again thank you for your kind words. Hugs, Ana

  19. Oh Kim,, you have so much in your life,,, You give so much of yourself to all the furrys,,,,You give love.. and care,,
    The candle light ceremony sounded special to us,,, and I can see how it can be a gift to so many.
    We hope everyone is feeling better,,, and also that you along with them get some rest.
    You are a special blogger... and always will be.,

  20. Happy to hear Bailey endured the most recent blip. I realize you see better than most the high points and low points of senior canines, particularly those with set up medical problems. Here's to all the more great days. What a distinction a husband to be makes to a Scottie, Todd looks attractive. Also, we comprehend the fanatic reference impeccably. Best Dogs for Seniors


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