Thursday, March 11, 2021

We Are Okay

~George and Shelby~

It has been a quiet time for us as we've settled into our 'new normal,' without Buddy and Charlie. I know that I need to let go of everything that happened over Buddy and to focus and remember the moments that connected us.  

As for Charlie, it goes without saying how much I will always miss him. I'm at a loss for words to express how grateful I am for his life, for our life together that has more than 14 years of memories that will always connect us. Thank-you all for sharing Charlie's loss with us and remembering him. ❤

Life has a way of continuing and now that things seem and feel a bit brighter, I'm noticing that Spring is here! Okay, okay, I know it’s not official until the sun passes directly over the equator sometime on March 20. But it is here. I have heard its opening notes in the pre-dawn-chorus - but it is missing the song of my very favorite bird, the Eastern Phoebe, which should be back any day now. Added to that at night in the woods behind us, we are hearing the spring peepers which are the frogs that make that crystal clear “peep, peep, peep” call that, when you get enough of them together, sound just like sleigh bells. All of these unique sounds combine to create a piece of music unmatched by any symphony. 

~An Eastern Phoebe last year~

Even though it's supposed to get cold again in the next few days, along with the sounds, the smell of spring is also definitely in the air, just ask Todd!  We are both glad that it's here. 

What do you like best about spring?  Along with all the new smells, I think Todd likes digging holes. Although, he likes doing that in any season. ūüėä


  1. Hello,
    Love the Todd photos, he is so cute. We had a nice few days, but it supposed to get colder. Spring is coming, I can hear more birds singing and calling for their mates. Take care! Have a great day and a happy weekend!

  2. Those terriers have hole digging down to a fine art. My chiweenie, even with just 3 working legs, does a bang-up job, too. Their little lowrider bodies are just perfect for digging.

  3. I love being able to get out doors more in the Spring and all the flowers blooming.

  4. You are a strong person and that is good for you and the dogs. You have a great support team out here in internet world.

  5. We love hearing the spring peepers around here too. Even though we've had a few unseasonably warm days they still haven't been heard around here yet. That's probably because the snow just finally melted yesterday. I love hearing all our returning birds too. The last to arrive every spring is the catbird so I know the migration is over when they finally arrive.

  6. Strange here . . .
    One week ago we had two feet of snow on the ground
    I was kind of used to it and
    now I am adjusting to “snow all gone.”
    Seriously, something “not normal” about it all!
    Warm temps took care of the snow in one week.
    Huge piles of snow in parking lots but that usually goes on for awhile.

    A big change for you for sure.
    The Buddy thing still makes me wonder so I “feel” for you.
    Charlie looks like love . . . I too am in the missing stage!
    Grief is visiting Mister Irish, me too.

    Spring is here, I enjoy watching the birds
    through my LR windows as they scope out
    possibilities for nest building.
    The orioles nest in front so I am hoping for a repeat.
    Wishing you some Phoebe sounds . . .
    Happy Spring my friend.

  7. We do like our snow, but we all enjoy sniffing every inch of the yard when the spring grass comes sprouting. And then all those bugs under the soil:)

    Mom says it has taken her a long time to recover from her ordeal with Misty. So she understands about the Buddy issue and then the loss of Charlie. While Misty was gone, there were endless nights of very disturbed sleep and constant thoughts about what was happening and how helpless she felt. Even after her return, and even now, there are still those moments. But things are improving - it just takes time, Kim.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom

  8. There is nothing like the joys of spring to help soothe your soul. My favorite part of spring is the peepers, but it will be a while before we hear them. Before they start, we usually hear what I call the "croakers" - wood frogs. When both are singing at the same time, that truly means spring has arrived!

  9. We love hearing the spring peepers! But it might be a couple more weeks before we hear them here in WNY. A lot of the birds are back and starting to sing, though.

  10. What happens when you don't blog regularly -- you miss serious events. I just read about Charlie's passing and I'm so sorry for you loss. I meet many lovely dogs here on the blogs, some of them I feel I know. Charlies was a dog like that. A special dog. I will miss him too. He brought joy to all of us who got to know him here.

  11. Thank you so much for your nice comment about the loss of our Genji. We share your pain too on the loss of your Charlie.

  12. Charlie had a million dollar smile and such beautiful fluffy furs. I am so sorry for your loss our Angels are always watching over us.
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Big hugs!! I'm so ready for spring.

  14. So glad that you are OK.
    What handsome boys George and Shelby are, and what a happy boy Charlie was. If Todd can keep digging then all is right in the world!
    We had some unseasonal warm weather at the beginning of February and now there's once again the promise of spring in the air. Time to set to and begin work in the garden.

  15. I thought I was your favorite bird.

  16. We have black phoebes here on the coast of Northern California. They're a special favorite for us, too. The many signs of spring are bringing much needed cheer. We have bunches of daffodils and the early spring wildflowers in good bloom. Todd always makes me laugh; what a charmer he is!


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