Monday, August 29, 2022

Shelby's Counterpart - Jack

Long time readers will recall that the Golden Retriever Rescue back in November of 2020, originally asked us to foster Shelby. However, it was later learned that she had a companion, a Black Lab named Jacket, that she'd come into the shelter with. Lab Rescue had been contacted about Jack, but had not responded. Since we happen to foster for both rescues, and not wanting to split up a pair, the Golden Retriever Rescue took them both.  We always thought that we'd find someone who loved both breeds, and would happily agree to adopt both Jack and Shelby - We even had them 'cross-posted' on Lab Rescue's website, and there was a lowered adoption fee. But aside from the one failed placement in the spring of 2021, nothing ever came from it. 

A concern I have always had in the back of my mind was 'what if something happened to Shelby?' Jack and Shelby were not so much a bonded pair, as they were companions. I'd thought that Shelby is/was the only other dog that Jack loved unconditionally. 

Jack is a good and well mannered boy. However, he can be what a friend on the board of the rescue described as 'prickly.' It's a perfect word for Jack who can sometimes be moody and prickly around other dogs - Remember Jack's bossiness is why Todd's ear is now wonky. 

~Jack and White Boy taking a nap, an un-prickly moment~

All of that aside, if Shelby was the love of Jack's canine life, as far as people that Jack loves, hands down, his heart belongs to Carl. Now, don't misunderstand, Jack doesn't totally exclude me, he's happy to see me when I come home, and he always does what I ask of him. But when Carl comes home, it's happiness and joy overload x's 10. Jack also knows that when he sees Carl, it's time for another favorite thing, ball. Jack is hands down, the best retriever of tennis balls that we've ever had. It all starts by his going outside and sitting by the steps waiting for Carl. When the game starts, he brings the balls back and sets them down for the fun to continue. 

~Jack and Carl the day they met in November 2020. The start of their friendship~

Now that you know a little more about Jack, it takes me back to my concerns about his future without Shelby. And because Jack was still a foster dog, the Rescue, who owned him, had things they needed to decide.

The first question was: Should Jack be turned over to Lab Rescue for them to find a new home?  The answer to this was 'no' for reasons that I won't go into. The Foster-home-coordinator and I agreed on that issue.

The next question was: Should Jack be made available for adoption via the Golden Retriever Rescue? The answer to this was also 'no.' I really felt that the chances of Jack finding a home via the Golden Retriever Rescue, was probably not going to happen. 

The questions that were yes: How we feel about Jack. Of course we love and adore him. And, even though Jack is not particularly connected to me, he is to Carl and we both want what's best for him; that's for him to be loved, safe and cared for which goes without saying. 

So, what was the best answer for Jack? It didn't really require a lengthy discussion.

The board of the Golden Retriever Rescue generously voted to waive Jack's adoption fee. And so after 645 days as a foster dog with us, minus the week he and Shelby spent 'adopted' before being returned to us, Jack officially becomes ours. His adoption contract is signed and goes into the mail today. It's a bit of a bittersweet moment. 

~Shelby & Jack's adoption contracts, one now signed~

But I know with all certainty that it's how it should be, and given everything, it's how it was meant to be. ❤


  1. Dear friend Jack, my person has wetness falling from her eyes so I must write this post on my own. You have found the best place and the best Carl. You will be loved forever and ever. I wish all Dogs as much luck as you have had. Happy adoption day, Jack!

  2. How wonderful that Jack has found his forever people in his forever home that has corners that still have Shelby's scent. O happy day!


  3. We're glad to hear Jack now has a permanent home with you. His love for your husband helped seal the deal for him.

  4. This is wonderful news. And I bet that Shelby is smiling down from the Bridge.

  5. Aww so sweet that he has a human of his very own that plays ball...sometimes dogs pick their people:)

  6. Yay!!!!! Lucky JACK!

  7. Hello,
    Congrats to Jack on his adoption, he could not have found a better and loving home. HUGS for Jack! Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. Shelby would be pleased . It is like you are adopting them both. They both were/are lucky to have you guys. Hugs all. and a ball pitch for

  9. So pleased to hear that Jack now has a forever home, where he'll be loved and cared for.

  10. This story ended just the way I was hoping it would. I love the picture of Carl and Jack walking together. Such a sweet story. I love what Far Side said. Isn't that the truth. Sweet Shelby would be so pleased. Thank you!

  11. Congratulations Jack and Carl. It sounds like the perfect solution for everyone.

  12. Thank you for sharing the story of beautiful Shelby’s last days. It’s clear she was a very happy dog. Though we always wish for so much more, what we can do is to “run the race that is set before us.” You give us all so much courage. There were cheers (and tears) to learn that dear Jack is now “officially” home. So heartwarming to read of the special friendship he has with Carl. Welcome home again, Jack!


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